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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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^I'm right with you there! I can't wait to watch this beauty go up!


Also, given that they know they can now market this as the tallest hybrid in the world (assuming they use the full 210 they have on the height), I suspect an announcement will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks!

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New details coming about the coaster on Thursday.


For a limited time, purchase a 2020 Fun Card and play the rest of 2019 FREE! Experience great 2019 events like Sesame Street Kids' Weekends and Christmas Town. Then in 2020, get ready to experience the grand opening of our hybrid roller coaster - stay tuned for more details being announced next Thursday, September 12.
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I've said it elsewhere, and to a number of people in person, but I'll go ahead and say it here. I am predicting this coaster will be themed after/named for Lions, and will feature the concept of "King of the Jungle" in some way. I think this fits with the fact they're replacing a coaster that partially had a Lion theme, and even though Kumba can refer to either Tigers or Lions since it's apparently Swahili for "Roar", they don't have an explicitly "Lion" themed coaster anymore, while the Tiger half of Gwazi now is represented by Tigris. Additionally, the track color being purple would go along with a "King of the Jungle" theme, since it's a color often associated with royalty. Just my guess. Could be wrong, but it definitely checks out on a lot of levels. As for the name, it's hard to say... King Gwazi (if they retained the old concept, but without it dueling, that may not make much sense)? Jungle King? Simply "The King"? Who knows... Maybe I'm way off base, but it's fun to guess! I just know I am super excited about this coaster, as a huge fan of the park already, and RMC in general, and can't wait until Thursday to find out more!

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Robb and I will be at BOTH parks covering it all!



I'm excited to hear what details are revealed... These parks have struggled for a while, but I appreciate how much corporate is shifting their investment strategy to drive new business while adding new additions to parks that traditionally saw more sizable investments only every 3-7 years.

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