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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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Wow, BGT has changed so much since my last visit (2003). Cobras Curse isn't even located where I thought it was this whole time. I think that's a sign that I really need to get back to Florida and to BGT lol!

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I was too stuffed to try to all of the new additions this year, but the griddled cheesecake sandwich is still my favorite so far. I think I'm going back this weekend after seeing pictures...Yum, minus the goat cheese.


Griddled Cheesecake Sandwich

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Does anyone know if the giant wheels on top of the lift will spin as the ride goes up the lift? Even if they dont they still look pretty cool.

Going by the model BGT made, doesn't look like it. The rope in that attaches to the snake statue on one end and the station on the other, making it more of something they used to pull the snake statue upright than a pulley for the lift. But who knows, they may do something different and surprise us so I wouldn't count it out completely.


Bring this to me!




By lunchtime!

I tried that this weekend and it was absolutely incredible. One of my favorite dishes this year.

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Interesting find from the Orlando Sentinel. Wood from Gwazi is being re-purposed around the FL parks.


Parts of Busch Gardens' Wooden Coaster Are Recycled At Theme Parks


Gwazi lives! The bone-rattling, two-sided wooden roller coaster closed at Busch Gardens last year. But parts of the attraction are having another go-round in some unexpected places within SeaWorld Orlando.


Refinished planks from the thrill ride, which opened in 1999, can now be seen in the fencing that leads up to SeaWorld's new Manatee Rehabilitation area that opened to the public last week.


Gwazi boards are also used on exterior posts at the open-air SeaWorld Rescue store near the entrance of the theme park.


The wood stayed closer to home in some instances. It has been utilized in several places at Tampa attractions, officials say, including signage for Egypt's market area at Busch Gardens theme park and at the Colossal Snacks locations at the adjacent Adventure Island water park.

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^^ or re-purpose them in a woodcarver shop at the park selling the boards as old fashioned school paddles. That way even your kids in the future can get the real gwazie experience.


Assuming that they are hit over the head with them.

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