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  1. It does look a lot like the Texas Giant which is still my fav RMC conversion of the 3 I've ridden. I'm also happy that it's keeping all of it's track length. I can't wait to ride.
  2. He's up to 17. I don't think KD is done with announcements yet. Something will happen with Hurler for 2017 whether is removed or refurbished. I'm going with the latter. Cedar Fair just doesn't want KD's announcement to occur prior to CP's...maybe.
  3. I just saw the announcement on Screamscape and wanted to stop by for the drama and I'm not disappointed.
  4. I thinking about going on the 13th if I can get tickets and times to line up.
  5. I like the lineup of houses this year, but the price jump for express passes is no bueno. There's still no way I'm standing in those lines though.
  6. KD is definitely due for a new coaster. It's been 6-7 years, which is odd for that park. ^^ Hurler's layout isn't that bad to me. It was a pretty good ride the first few years it was open before it was trimmed and rough. I don't see it happening, but RMC could make a pretty good ride out of what's there. It will probably just end up being retracted or removed. Either way...PUT GRIZZLY'S TREES BACK!!!!!!
  7. Don't be disappointed when the GCI comes in instead of RMC
  8. I actually like the name and I'm excited about the ride. I'll be planning a trip to Ohio next year, especially since I haven't ridden Valravn and Mean Streak is being converted or reprofiled.
  9. Now that you're finally done arguing ...how are the Saturday and Sunday crowds at the park?
  10. Solar farm? I doubt it's a ride unless Safari Village is getting expanded.
  11. KD will get the GCI refurb on Hurler. CP is going for the RMC. As mentioned above, the maintenance on Mean Streak is just too much. I'm sure they will add a smaller traditional woody in the future. The Shoot the Rapids location has enough space.
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