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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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There is a snake exhibit, and it will also have a story throughout the queue that takes about 45 minutes to go through, so you will be entertained for at least the last 45 minutes of the queue. It will also have projection mapping for some scenes. The park also confirmed on Twitter today that there will be an option to avoid the snake exhibit while in line if you don't do snakes. They've also said before that there will be a bailout point if you want to see the queue's story without riding, or if you want to go with your party in line but not ride.

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I just hope it's open when I visit in mid-late August. Also, bit of trip planning here, I collect hats and I plan to get one from Sheikra, Montu, Kumba, Cheetah Hunt, and maybe either Falcon's Fury or Cobra's Curse. How much should I expect to spend? Are there even FF hats?

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This just keeps looking more and more awesome with every update!


What a really cool concept with the queue including snakes and then the passage getting smaller and smaller as you tunnel in further. Some great design and engineering work going into this one.

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I think the inclusion of snakes in the queue is a really cool concept, but I cant help but wonder if it will cause back up by people observing the snakes, or potential line jumping by people trying to bypass people lingering at the snake exhibit?

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I didn't have a problem at SeaWorld in line for Manta. The line moved decently.


I don't think it's going to be a big problem.


Unlike at Forbidden Journey at IOA where everyone had to take photos of everything.

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This coaster is looking better and better with each new update. I can't wait to see testing!! I love the amount of detail they are putting into the que line!!


Totally looking forward to a blacksnake backlash.




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I was at the park today...and I was a bit frustrated!


We were the first ones on Cheetah Hunt for the day in the front row...however...we sat in the train for about 5 minutes until the train was full in the station! They only had 3 trains running total with just one of the two stations opened. When we got back to the station...the 2nd train didn't even leave yet! The park opened at 10:00 and I didn't get off Cheetah Hunt until 10:17!!! That's ridiculous!


We then went over to Montu which only had a one train operation. However no one was in the station so we had the ride to ourselves. BUT FOR SOME AMAZING GOOD NEWS: Montu did NOT brake on the MCBR and we flew through the 2nd half of the ride! It was absolutely AMAZING!


Then we headed for Falcon's Fury as I've never been on it before. As we were passing by Cheetah Hunt, it rose to a 40 minute wait! Doesn't surprise me considering how slow operations were!!! There weren't even a lot of people!


Here is when everything got really frustrating...

-Falcon's Fury was delayed due to "late testing." I'm assuming they just didn't prep the ride for a 10AM opening.

-Sand Serpent was also delayed due to "late testing."

-Scorpion was ALSO delayed due to "late testing."

-Sky Ride was closed and they said it was because they don't expect many crowds today.

-Sheikra was closed for Maintenance.


So we ended up doing the Log Flume which you can't go wrong with and we did Kumba which was also a one train operation. We even did the little drop tower in Jungala. The worker didn't have the ride ready for opening as she didn't expect anyone to be over there until 12PM or later.


We then waited around for Falcon's Fury as we asked one of the tech guys working on the ride and he said he is trying to get the ride to open within 30 minutes. After an hour, we left. As we were about to leave the park...I saw the ride actually make a test run so we ran back over and sure enough they finally opened the ride! WOW WAS THAT A RUSH! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!



Overall we had a fun day...but it was really sad to see the park this way. I used to come to this park like every day in the summer when I was younger and I was really looking forward to today but was disappointed with the way the park was run! I understand it was a slow day...but there was even trash on the pathways, unfriendly workers, and just not as fun of an atmosphere as I remembered it to be. I hope when I return in the Summer to ride Cobra's Curse, the park will be better prepared and taken care of.

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