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  1. Man... No one got killed... Everyone sued. The girl sued the city and the pilot. The pilot sued the city for putting the wheel there for him to crash into... But if he had crashed into a house, he wouldn't be alive to sue. That wheel saved his incompetent ass.
  2. Steel: Leviathan Behemoth Superman - Ride of steel ( Darien Lake) Sheikra Rip Ride Rockit Wood: None really tall enough to mention, but... Balder
  3. or MCBR = don't crash into the train in front of you. Well. It doesn't have to actually brake the train. Check out the one on SteelVengeance.
  4. Well, if you're gonna build a dive-coaster, that's the way to do it. Ride looks amazing and I can't wait to see it go up. The dive into Vortex looks insane. The block and it's following elements is too small to really seem like a part of the ride... It's sort of like the post splashdown section on Sheikra... At that point the ride is over and the curve basically allows you to breathe out and digest the experience. That said, MCBR = Meandering Capacity Boosting Run
  5. Out of all the things being built in the world, THIS is the one I'm most excited about. Record-breakers and new RMC-remakes are exciting, but a new massive prototype-coaster we know little about, set in a heavily themed environment just tickles me so much more.
  6. Not so much news, But I read on the news today that builder NCC landed the 230 million $ contract to build the new part of Liseberg. A: a new parking garage ( Expected to be done by summer 2019) B: A 30 000 m2 " adventure/ experience hotel" with 450 rooms. The hotel is supposedly themed to Eastern India and it's history trading with Gotherburg. ( hopefully finished by 2021). C: A 18 000 m2 year around waterpark which will be among he biggest in Sweden. ( Finished sometime between 2021 and 2023). Link to NCC https://www.ncc.group/media/pressrelease/f51c5e8d17e4fb55/ncc-to-build-liseberg’s-new-water-park-and-hotel/ And Lisebergs statement, but I could only find it in Swedish. http://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/liseberg/pressreleases/ncc-bygger-lisebergs-nya-vattenpark-och-hotell-2508105
  7. Some day, I'm gonna move to Frontier-Town. Buy a nice little house in a wooden meadow between tall lift-hills and steep drops. Maybe open up a saloon... A little waterhole that sells cold beer and twisted horse-shoe rolls to fatigued travellers passing through. Let them drown their sorrows and listen to them vent their frustration over long lines and uncomfortable restraints. Steel the heart of a pretty little girl and marry her at Town Hall with hawks soaring far above. Live out the rest of my days under starry skies laced with falling trains and screaming people. Oh what a life.
  8. Imo Tony doesn't have a lot to win by over-hyping this ride at this point. It's already the most hyped and anticipated ride in the world this year, and people will go ride it with high expectations no matter what Tony says. If the ride hadn't lived up to Tony's own hype, which was no doubt ridiculously high, he could've just said " it's a great coaster!" without adding the " best coaster in the world" remark. I remember reading Andreas Andersen's ( CEO of Liseberg) blog about Helix and getting the feeling that his first ride on the coaster didn't live up to his own hype. That it was good, but not as crazy as he had imagined. It took him a few rides to accept and enjoy it for what it was, rather than what he had imagined it to be. So yes, I believe Tony's reaction is genuine. Anyway, Most anticipated roller-coaster POV in the world coming later today. For someone in Sweden who's not likely to go to Cedar Point anytime soon, this is exciting!
  9. Intamin. They take risks which makes them a bit uneven... but when they hit it, they hit it out of the park. B&M keeps it in the park nowadays. It's safe, and they get solid results. But I wish they'd pull an Intamin every now and then.
  10. "WARNING! He stands tall in the face of adversity, will beat the odds in any match. He can take on a full house and end up Aces high!" I'm starting to think maybe the trains could have different characteristics and that each trains give a different type of ride... " BlackJack" Chamberlain"... " He can take on a full load" Could mean it's a longer train with more seats? Chess " Wild One"... " Whipsmart and defiant" " Highspeed chases" Could mean it's a train that rides wilder for whatever reason? Short and heavy? Digger... " Fast and advanced..." Approach from the right? Separate stations for the trains? " HIs arm is a force to be reckoned with"? Some quirky train detail that affects the way it rides? I dunno... Just something that occurred to me...
  11. Anybody consider that Meanstreak RMC could be... two different dueling coasters in the same structure? One launched and one lifthill. Don't shoot me, I'm on my phone and the layout is kind of hard to grasp... but considering how much the construction is confusing people and the teaser " they are coming". Possible?
  12. I think I'll make it out to Cedar Point next Saturday. With my touring-circumstance, and dependency on other people, it's kind of hard to tell for sure tho. Two days ago the bolts holding back-axle sub frame snapped, which clamped the two back-tires together. We awoke from the smell of burning rubber. Our driver reacted superfast and got us off the freeway safely. Yesterday, new bus... The tire blew up, again causing a 2-3 hour delay. Things like this makes me anxious to order FastPass too far ahead of time. Which leads me to my question... How far ahead of time do Fast Pass and Fast Pass + normally run out? Or is it impossible to say for sure?
  13. Anyone in the richmond area wanna come to KD with me today? My whole travrlparty bailed.. . And I find little enjoyment going by myself. The ticket would be my treat. EDIT: offer expired.
  14. Hey, I think I'm going there on Sunday too... Main act just cancelled their date in Richmond, so we have an offday. Seeing how Kings Dominion is just down the street, and it's not like it's a park I'd travel all the way from Sweden to visit. It'd be pretty stupid not to go...
  15. This has got to be my favourite dive-coaster layout ( at least conceptually). I like that it starts and then just keep going to the end... A splash-down would have been cool at the end... Because it adds a cool dimension to any park that has it. That's how I feel about dive-coasters in general... They're big, impressive and add a ton of spectacle even for people not riding. And on a side note, and at the risk of ticking some people off. These Ima-scores do nothing for me. A nicely themed area with a great theming does not need speakers with wondrous music to sell the idea. I like the physicality of being in the presence of a roller-coaster, and I want to feel and hear that physicality. Adding Hans Zimmer-cloned music just adds a dimension of fake-ness I don't need... but I'm difficult like that, and to each his own. Anyway, can't wait to get to Liseberg next year and ride this baby.
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