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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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I was at the park on Monday after running the Celebration half marathon and aside from Montu being down it was a perfect day of coaster riding.I had gone also on a Monday in January and I was freaked out as pretty much every coaster was down,I think It was Sheikra and Scorpion and everything else including Falcons Fury was down(and Sheikra opened after noon!!).But this Monday with waits at 5-10 minute max it was ride as much as you can,it had been a while since I had been to the park where even Cheetah Hunt had low wait times.I'm sure on my next visit for the Food and Wine festival the waits aren't going to be as nice.As far as Falcons Fury goes,it's still the only ride out there that freaks me out!!

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Have to give credit to SeaWorld Parks for coming up with some fantastic color schemes for this years additions.

Don't they both have the same colors, just flipped? Beautiful AND cost-effective!


Im confused as to how swapping the paint colours is in anyway cost effective? Its not like the park paint the ride themselves as its installed it comes pre painted from the manufacturers.

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Have to give credit to SeaWorld Parks for coming up with some fantastic color schemes for this years additions.

Don't they both have the same colors, just flipped? Beautiful AND cost-effective!


Im confused as to how swapping the paint colours is in anyway cost effective? Its not like the park paint the ride themselves as its installed it comes pre painted from the manufacturers.

Remind me never to make a joke again.

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I'll be visiting for the first time on Feb 25th and I want to make the best of the day there. It's a Thursday so it shouldn't be too crowded hopefully. Of course I'll hit all the major coasters but is there Any must see shows/attractions/exhibits that I should experience? Thanks in advance for the feedback

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For your trip. One part of the park that doesn't get a lot of love on the sites is Wallaby Way. It is tucked off in a corner, but it's really neat if you like kangaroos and wallabi. For a few bucks you can buy a salad for the little guys , that if you do early, gobble it up. It's really cool when they let the lil guys on the pathway. So cuddly. Actually, the salad looks really good, enough so that I want an extra order for me with a lil dressing on top. After encountering them you just might want to take one of those super cute fuzzy Wallabis home with you.

The trajn can be neat later on in towards evening when the animals are active. We left from the Niarobi station and were told it would be 30 to 40 minutes to get to the next station due to the animals running around. Really cool as the train stopped because the white rhino was charging all over the place. I had no idea the could move so fast. Other than that, remember the Skyway is your friend, and ALL the coasters are good.

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No it's not just you. It does go down much more than the other rides at the park. Most likely because of the fact that it is the most complex ride there mixed with the fact that they don't go down for annual maintenance. Maybe once Cobra's Curse opens and CH isn't the newest coaster anymore they will be willing to let it go down for a few weeks a year for a refurb, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Yesterday was the Mako backstage tour and today was Cobra's Curse! I have to be honest, as cool as Mako looks, and I know it will be a lot of fun, I'm really REALLY psyched about Cobra's Curse! And here's why...


It's not often that a park truly builds a "one-of-a-kind" roller coaster. And this is not your normal "spinning coaster" as a lot of times when you hear that term, you think about your typical "spinning wild mouse" but this is so....soooooo much more!


The coaster is broken up into three parts: forward facing, backward facing, and spinning! Add a vertical elevator lift on top of that, some amazing looking theming, and you've got a really unique ride! I can't think of any other coaster that mixes all of these elements together, and also has a unique ride vehicle for a spinning coaster.


Anyway, let's go to some photos & video...


Additional photos by Jack Crouse


Check out the ride vehicle! Watch the video to see it SPIN!


Here's an overview of the construction site. You can see the elevator lift just towers over the ride!


We love the theming...


I've always been impressed with the detail that goes into BGT's attractions. Cheetah Hunt, Falcon's Fury, now this one... Sooooo good!


Brian Morrow showing us some of the concept boards for the ride. He looks proud of them... He should be. They look FANTASTIC!


And yes...there will be snakes!


A new snake exhibit will open with the ride!


Who names these things? Seriously? Gaboon?!?!? That sounds like how you name a sound effect from a comic book or cartoon. "The two characters are running at each other and *GABOON!!!!* they crash together in an epic way!!!" Seriously...a snake named "Gaboon..." I will move on now....


Jeff speaks of spinning coasters and stuff. He's in the video. Watch him. This man knows his stuff!


Walking up to the construction site...the ride looks great! I love how it comes over the wall from Montu.


This lift here you will be going up...BACKWARDS! Yes! It's gonna be amazing!


In fact, this whole twisty helixy area you will be going backwards the entire time!


And in this trench here is part of the "spinning" section.


I love that this ride has three distinct sections to it: Forward, Backward, and Spinning!


And if you're not a fan of spinning rides, WATCH THE VIDEO! Brian will explain why you NEED to try this one out!


Yes, Snakes do jump over a wall.


I'm really pumped about the elevator lift! Two trains will be in this structure at the same time. One on the top and one on the bottom.


Dudes are still hard at work.


The bottom of the giant snake is in place! Can't wait to see the rest of it!


Another picture of the twisted backwards helix. This should be pretty damn cool!


Yup, you WILL be spinning through this section!




Hello Tower of Elevator...you are awesome!


Track, track...more track...


Cobra...meet Montu.... Montu...Cobra. Better get used to each other being here...you're roommates now!


Awesome panoramic view!


Jack & I had an awesome time hanging out at Busch Gardens today! Can't wait to come back later in the year to ride!!!

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Oh man....Cobra's Curse is just looking better and better.


As others have said, I think that this one is going to take a lot of people by surprise and/or be the sleeper hit of the new coaster season. A lot of enthusiasts see "family coaster" and think "meh", but I think that this is going to turn some heads once it opens.


And a snake exhibit to go with the ride???


Thanks for sharing, Robb!!

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From your commentary that the ride will have three sections, forward, backwards, and spinning, does this mean the ride will not be free spinning coaster similar to a spinning wild mouse but have a motor on the coaster to enable it to spin?

The final section will be free spinning.

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