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  1. I heard they are modifying it to extend over Lake Erie, adding a world record breaking lift hill, a record 37 inversions and a record breaking drop track. Can't wait to ride Steel Dragsters Revenge when it opens
  2. Vortex is/was the most brutal roller coaster Ive ever been on. Honestly I want too like it because my first time too Kings Island I was 8 and remember seeing the Bat track still up and a sign on the fence describing the rollercoaster(Vortex) that was gonna take its place. I was. barely tall enough to ride the next year. Dont remember it being rough but years later I couldn't stand it! And I have a high tolerance for pain. Id rather be punched in the nuts than ride that thing again.
  3. Has the new Larson Loop Roller Coaster been installed yet? Im pretty sure they come almost fully assembled on a flat bed. Cant wait for the reviews. Will TPR be there for opening day? Love to get me some ERT on that sonofabitch. Sucker gotta be going 70mph hour to hit that loop over and over.
  4. I agree with you. This is the most excited Ive been for a SFMM coaster since X. It just seems so different and yet reliable and fin for everyone. I think its gonna be a huge it. Super excited for the first riders.
  5. And kids that age don't wanna work. You can raise the minimum wage and you'll still find that the generation is seriously lazy and entitled. Not my opinion rather fact. Im not talking about everyone, but a large portion. They are more concerned with free stuff
  6. I like this guys response:) Why do people always feel that businesses should cater to their wants. Go to another park or build your own. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Cedar Point will be just fine.
  7. It's the ultimate spot for a Dive Coaster. Said it for years. Imagine standing on the walk where Vortex's batwing rises up right in front of you? Now replace that Image with the view of a 250ft+ Dive drop leading to a massive Immelmann loop coming right at ya! Its the perfect spot for this type of coaster. I also think some kind of blitz coast would be sweet sitting down in that valley as you watch from above. I can't imagine they'd remove vortex only to leave that magical plot of land to sit empty. Thats just my Friday 2 cents brought to you by screamscape, the ultimate website for getting pissed off at he most ads ever jammed into one page.
  8. MiA should kill two birds with one stone and get a Larson Looper. LOL!!!
  9. Off the subject...kinda! But, you guys reminded me of one of the best events here in Columbus, Ohio. During pride week, we have a Drag Queen softball tournament! It is awesome and a must for anyone living in the area and/or visiting. Its all Drag Queen in high heels playing softball. Too be honest, many of them are still better than most of you, even in heels!
  10. Yeah, I know its not real but damn that is a dope-a$$ little video. Would be sweet if it was true.
  11. Have they brought the new coaster in yet? I figure it will be one, maybe two flat bed trucks. Unload it, put it together, screw it to the ground and open it up to the public. The one at the fair took one day to put up so I imagine this being one more day since they are making it a permanent attraction.
  12. I heard they're bout to get a god damn 500 footer over Lake Erie. Son a bitch supposedly gonna leap off one track section and travel 200 feet before it lands on the other track. That son a bitch sounds dangerous but that's what my sister told me they building. She got through middle school, so I doubt she'd be wrong.
  13. Couldn't agree more. Vortex is by far my least favorite coaster. They should change its name to "The Free Abortion Coaster."
  14. I am not upset it's leaving but I did enjoy riding it as it was one of the only coasters that actually scared me!! lol I really did like this coaster much more than Vortex but I trust KI's judgment.
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