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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Does anyone know how happy I would have been if this is what we got instead of full throttle? I would have praised SFMM til the day I die... instead... I don't wanna talk about it. Wow though... arguably the best coaster collection in the world here? Intamin launch, prefab, classic terrain based Schwartzkopf, this!

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I'm not really a fan of the new restraints. It may be more comfortable for some passengers but I prefer smaller restraints.

Wow, not even one page in and someone is already complaining!


--Robb "Can we maybe have a ride announcement where people don't make stupid, embarrassing comments? Oh, wait... no." Alvey


I wasn't trying to sound like I was complaining. I've just heard from some friends who live in germany that gripping the handles infront of the seat on Blue Fire could be somehwhat discomfortable. I've never personally been on Blue Fire myself so I can't say that for certain. I would love to ride this coaster and it seems like a great new addition to the park in 2014.

The only thing "discomfortable" is this logic.





Oh, and the coaster looks incredible.

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I wasn't trying to sound like I was complaining. I've just heard from some friends who live in germany that gripping the handles infront of the seat on Blue Fire could be somehwhat discomfortable. I've never personally been on Blue Fire myself so I can't say that for certain.

Oh, well, then maybe you should keep your uneducated opinions to yourself until you've actually ridden for yourself. I for one think the Blue Fire restraints are some of the most comfortable out there. You need smarter friends.



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Projekt Helix is just a working title so the name will be different when it opens.

Wow, it's 1355m long and practically no dead moments. They aimed it not to be the tallest or fastest roller coaster but to be one of the best in the world and I think they might succeed.

Here's a lengthy video where they interview the general manager, manufacturer, enthusiasts and more. It's mostly in swedish but some of it is in english.

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Wow just wow after seeing this and then seeing SFMMs Full Throttle I'm just sick to my stomach lol This looks like everything Full Throttle should have been but it's not Oh well looks like Liseberg is getting a great coaster all the more reason to save up for TPRs Scandi 2014 trip

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Does this park open early or year round? It's only September of 2012, a bit early for a 2014 announcement. I just find this odd.....




Anyways, Layout looks like HEVAN!


-Multiple launches

-Lot's of potential for "air"

-High Speed turns

-Lots of fun inversions

-Terrain Hugging


-Twisted turns and maneuvers

-Dark portions


Sounds like the perfect coaster to me......

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The ride is just ludicrously long, in a good way. Always sticking low to the ground, no big, big hills, but it still looks fantastic! I was just surprised at the length of the ride; I didn't know when it would end. Element after element, after element. It really seems to have everything.

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Hello everybody


It seems like most of it is already out so I don't really have to post that much.

Had a great time at the press day together with all the other great folks over at Liseberg today. A big thanks will go to Andreas Andersen for aiding us to go there with a personal invite, we really appreciated it!!


So we arrived a few minutes before the start of the event, and were directed up towards Maxxima at the top of the Liseberg mountain. Once there we were greeted by the CEO and other officials, they supplied drinks and ice-cream while we mingled around.

At 11:30 when it all started Andreas made a short introduction before we were guided into Maxxima for the video presentation of Project Helix.

I have to say that I was expecting something less exciting because of the rumours that circulated before today. But as I saw the first few CGI images in the intro I, then my jaw really dropped through the floor. This will be an most excellent addition to Liseberg, especially seeing that Blue Fire is one of my absolute favourite coasters out there. After the video, it was back out again for interviews, etc. where we had loads of fun chatting around with the people there.

So in all a short but really sweet time, where we witnessed something really great for the future of Liseberg.


The ride itself looks to be everything I dream of a new coaster at Liseberg. They have really used the space well and really expanded the park in a direction that haven't been utilized before (apart for some path and garden features). Most of the big things will be located on the west side of the mountain (direction at the park) so that they can reduce the noises the ride will produce from those that live just outside the park, the ride itself were also chosen because it's silent operation. The best thing of the location is that there is still plenty of space at the southern end so that they have space for some future attractions, especially when they decide to remove the old Ferris Wheel. Many of the main elements are in such locations that they line up to certain points to create some spectacular views of the ride from inside the park. It will also interact with Lisebergbanan at some points, like diving under the lift (which was really interesting since my brother and I was just talking about such concept this Sunday when we visited the park at the final day, like we always do) and the pre-brake run at the end.

Really looking forward to the ride since it have all the great things that Blue Fire has, but also a lot more. Can't wait for this ride to be finished!!

The only thing that is a bit off, is that Kanonen now feels a bit redundant, even though it's nothing I really care about


Oh, of course, expect photo updates when they start construction.


Divv: The pandavision were ditched a few years ago. They have been showing Sammy's Adventure 1 & 2 in the past few years.


JonnyRCT3: They did this since there is so much work they have to do on site before the erection can begin. First of all there is not that much time in the off season, many of the foundations will be located in tricky places, in and around several rides and trees, so you can't bring in big machinery to do this quickly, but rather take your time. Also the construction of the station and queue area will take some time so that's one of the first things that will undergo construction.

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I was waiting for three years now for a park to try to use the whole potential of the mack Mega Coaster concept to build one, if not the best looping coaster out there.


Absolutely stunning...I have a hard time thinking about a coaster announcement that could be more promising than this


Liseberg...I`m coming !

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