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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Anyone know why Liseberg decided to announce this ride two years before it opens when most parks announce their new rides the year before? I don't think Liseberg's announced any of their other major rides this early.

I'm pretty sure the drop tower was announced more than a year out. You have to remember, the way the market works in Europe isn't the same as in the USA. And I would imagine that a project this size will require them to start tearing up that mountainside, close attractions during construction, etc, so they probably want to give people a heads up on what's going on.


I also think it's funny that no one seemed to notice that they ALSO announced a new kiddie coaster for the 2013 season!


Furthermore, Liseberg has had a number of roller coasters for children. The first one was called Lilla Bergbanan and opened in 1977. It was commonly called Lady Bug because if the trains design being modeled after a Lady bug. In 1986 the attraction was redesigned and it’s name was changed to Cirkusexpressen, until 2008 when it was replaced by a new roller coaster called Rabalder, which is still in the park. In 2013 Liseberg will launch another coaster for even smaller children - Stampbanan.
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I was very surprised to hear they were adding a launched coaster knowing they have Kanonen, but was ecstatic to hear it is coming from Mack! This really does look like one of the world's best looping coasters, but it'd be too hard to tell without riding first. I love that it's a launched looper with 3 good airtime hills and some great inversions. Though I think Intamin's Norwegian loop looks preferable to this Pretzel Loop, Mack's corkscrews look gorgeous on Blue Fire and this ride seems no different.


Thank you Liseberg and Mack, for showing us how awesome both of you are. Liseberg went from a top 20 destination park to a top 3 destination park for me, and this just seals the deal that if I built an amusement park I'd save a spot for a Mack looper. For some reason, I think Liseberg is the only one getting my money in this life.


-I also love the random math equations in the video from Liseberg.


What's up with all the Full Throttle mentions over the last pages of this thread? Six Flags probably had that ride planned since Green Lantern was built. I don't think it's what Full Throttle was supposed to be or should have been...maybe could have been, but never would have been .


The video should have started with YOLO


Okay, except for that "mention,"

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Zee Germans are really stepping up their game. It looks fantastic!


I don't like the video render though. A lot of places, the train's going too slow on the track. It's just a pet peeve!

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