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  1. The rise of Icaros. Workers at the top of the world. The final section. Topping out with the sun. All pictures from Gröna Lund Facebook
  2. Icaros construction pictures posted on Gröna Lund's Facebook The big crane arrives on a barge as it's too heavy for the bridge connecting to the island of Djurgården. A golden sun will decorate the top of the Icaros tower. Sun rays... Which will rotate with the help of this engine weighting 11 metric tonnes. The first part of the tower arrives. As well as a big cog as a part of the lifting mechanism.
  3. Looks like it'll feature an underground station, so I guess we'll see a lot of digging in 2018 which might be why they'll somehow hide the construction area with this temporary attraction in 2019. So now with this B&M inverter they have relocated the tall and noisy attractions from the old expansion plans to fit within the existing park where the zoning plan already allow for such attractions. As for the new expansion plans it's schedule that the public consultation will take part in the first quarter of 2017. I wonder what kind of park this new area will be, perhaps it'll be the new calmer Tyrolen area? Also with the expansion there'll be new office space, workshops and staff rooms so I wonder what'll happen to the current building where such facilities are located today. I also think it's nice that they'll continue to improve on the boardwalk and expand it further up along the seaside of the park with this new B&M coaster. That's what I liked most about the Twister, I don't see it ruined the old atmosphere but it added something else, a classic boardwalk area.
  4. I learned to avoid wheel rows at all cost. The rows in between were ok at the time I rode it (before GCI restoration work). Still an iconic coaster I would ride it in an instant if I got the chance to do it again.
  5. Okey, here's an easy one but it's one of my favourite coaster
  6. Anaconda @ Gold Reef City (Johannesburg, South Africa) http://rcdb.com/1169.htm#
  7. Well that POV was kinda cray. Non-stop action. This is the longest RMC so far announced and it features some of those wacky elements used on previous different RMC coasters but this time all in one. Looks like a best of RMC elements design to me
  8. First car is moving in to their new home. Lifting the first car up onto the transfer track
  9. Yeah I don't see them build anything too tall at this park. Kolmården is a zoo which mainly targets families with children. So I don't think it'll have any drop above 150ft or any inversions. It could be something lengthy with a launch somewhere along the track and featuring some novelty of some kind, no idea what that could be though.
  10. Robb please stop, your making the 3 week wait agonising now...
  11. Looks like they'll make a special event for the final track piece erection tomorrow at 11:00am local time.
  12. Well I thought you made a good translation and it would have been a bit repetitive with two translations...
  13. Edit: Loefet beat me to it Personally, yes I do think Helix is a better choice for Liseberg and Green Fire would have looked intrusive on the park. But damn it would have been nice with a big American style roller coaster in the Scandinavian area.
  14. Liseberg before Helix... Liseberg 2013 Source: Lantmäteriet
  15. Lovely pictures shivtim! In other news... Google maps never updates their flyover images of Stockholm but the image source does so why not go straight to the source. Gröna Lund 2013 Source: Lantmäteriet
  16. Time to drool over some new pictures featuring "The Dive & Helix" on Helix Just look at that.... look at it! And then check this out Oh, it's a Helix² Here most coasters would end. Not Helix. This is the turn into launch number 2 Source: ProjektHelix.se
  17. The short answer. Liseberg wants some more cash. Hotel=money.
  18. They have begun working on the pretzel loop today, in other words another exciting week ahead of us.
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