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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^ I agree, 10pm is a very odd time to announce an attraction, unless they plan on having a special fireworks show


It seems to fit the whole "scary" theme that seems to be going so far, with the whaling banshee, the scarecrows, the owls, the no camping, etc etc. Just my 2 cents.

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Some of the relevant folklore to go along with the Banshee story, curteousy of kicentral users supertrooper, PhantomTheaterKiss, and RollerColt:


"In some accounts she is seen combing her hair as she laments. She is heard more often than seen, wailing as she approaches the abode in the late evening or early morning, sometimes perching on the windowsill two to three hours or even days before a death. As she moves off into the darkness witnesses describe a fluttering sound, such as the sound made by birds flying at night. Hence, the mistaken belief that banshees manifest as birds such as the crow. The inaccurate association with crows is probably due to confusion of the banshee with the primitive Celtic goddess Badb, the goddess of war who appeared frequently in the form of a crow."


Also, in some lore, it's is mentioned that she is a beautiful woman seen combing GRAY hair (which appears to be the color in the comb), with a SILVER comb.

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Don't know if this has been posted, but when I put the GForcify link for Valleyfair into Facebook, I got this. Appears to be some sort of app to distort a picture of yourself, similar to the Walking Dead's Zombify Yourself app.


No idea what G-Forcify-ing yourself looks like though...


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Okay, so world record-breaking. I wonder if it'll end up being the invert from the steel plant that just showed up the other day - highest and fastest or maybe most inversions on an inverted? I'd love to see all of the above - an even bigger (pre-braked) Alpengeist built in the valley with a solid set of inversions to boot.

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with the whaling banshee


Whaling is frowned upon and would draw the ire of PETA.


I'm pretty sure they would do nothing but "wail" about said whaling.


i kill myself...


Dang, you guys got me! The sad thing is, I know the difference... just typing without thinking in the rush I guess. Well played.

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August 8th?? That's way sooner than I thought! Exciting stuff! Can't wait to hear what this new coaster will be!


I think that the announcement is so early so that vertical construction can start. Then the speculation will stop, and everyone will know what is being built.

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I'm hearing rumours of blue B&M invert track sitting outside Clermont Steel. No pictures yet though.

Aren't the supports blue?


Not saying a blue-blue track/support isnt possible but that would be unique


EDIT:I cant really tell if thats track or not but since they say it is, go Blue!

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