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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^I just cant imagine another one put in 2 hours from one that just broke all records this season. But then again I didnt expect CW to do the Hyper/Giga


At this point anything is possible even though it seems to be an invert...

We gotta hang in for 7 more days!


2 hours? How fast are you going? 4 hours away lol


I get what you mean though but im pretty sure it's not a Wingrider anyway.

Ops! My bad hahaha.


I would have to be going pretty fast for 2 hours!

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^^^I understand what you're saying but Paramount parks made a 3 coaster deal with Vekoma for the Flying Dutchmens but after all of the mechanical/electrical issues with Stealth decided to opt out of purchasing the remaining 2 thus how SF got Batwing @ SFA and X-Flight @ SFWoA.


CF purchases:


Xcelerator @ KBF- 2002

Dragster @ CP - 2003


Renegade @ VF - 2007

Prowler @ WoF - 2009


Silver Bullet @ KBF - 2004

Patriot @ WoF - 2006


Steel Force @ DP - 1997

Mamba @ Wof - 1998


Behemoth @ CW - 2008

Diamondback @ KI - 2009

Intimidator @ Carowinds - 2010


Windseekers? 4 in 2011 and 2 more purchased in 2012.


Does this info mean all these rides were "package deals??" Might not be, but definitely seems to me that if you commit to more than 1 at a time, the manufacturer is more likely to give a better price.

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I'm not talking about the Windseeker downtime issues. I'm just pulling the purchase data.


Buying multiple flat-rides in 1 transaction is smart as they are cheaper than a coaster. IE: 4 Windseekers (5 million each) cost less than I:305 (25 million) @ KD. With that said, buying 4 of those in 1 year would be a very dumb business move.

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Whatever it is I hope it goes upside down, lol. Not really a fan of the upside down coasters at KI. Vortex always kills me. FOF is alright, Invertigo I haven't ridden and Firehawk is weird.


If if really is a wing rider that wouldn't be to bad but with one at CP, Great America and Dollywood there's just too many IMO for another one. I would still like to see a Giga or a dive coaster. Either way I will be riding it next year. Hey, a roller coaster is still better than nothing. Glad KI is still getting new stuff as it's my home park.

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Supposedly this twitter account @wesisrad knows the announcement. KI tweeted them "Don't spoil the surprise!"


This has been the most interesting post:


Wes ‏@wesisrad 30 Jul

@coasterrumors @KingsIslandPR does this look right to you? pic.twitter.com/edNfc4ljfZ


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Should've patented my idea for a batwing that exits with an immelmann instead of a cobra loop when I had the chance.


Surprising that we're only looking at what looks like six inversions, and no MCBR so it'll be pretty quick. Wonder if it'll take the longest drop record from Alpengeist, maybe?

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Somebody here can surely make it in no limits.


I advise against anyone trying to make this in No-Limits based off some shaky plans. Several people tried that when Outlaw Run was leaked and got it all wrong and made it look lame.


Just wait for the real announcement. Honestly, I cringe when I see these leaks nowadays because it spoils the effect of seeing a proper reveal. Maybe I'm just old now, but I want everything to be laid out clearly for me so I can actually tell what's going on and I'm willing to wait until the park is ready to do that.

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