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  1. What if they closed xcelarator and tore out boomerang because there gonna give xcelerator new trains and extend the ride into boomerangs old plot of land and rename it the ledge. They can finally theme it to something that fits the area. Plus it fits the fact that it would renew there relationship with intamin.
  2. Holy Hell... Disney Park Blog released a video of the model of Star Wars land and it is insane. Plus pictures of the first order ride vehicle. 2019 can't come soon enough.
  3. So being a week away from D23 what do you guys think they announce for the parks. I hope we see Marvel Land announced, but I'm curious to hear what you guys think.
  4. Yes, the park is aware of the 50th anniversary as that is the reason that the ride will re-open on the 16th of March. The rides 50th anniversary is March 19th. So far to cast members they've talked to us about the ride it's 50th anniversary. They haven't told us anything about what there doing with it And they haven't said anything about any particular event for the 19th. If anything will be done we should probably find out in a week or two.
  5. The first weekend in March isn't typically too bad for crowds. You are correct about Pirates being closed for refurb along with Matterhorn. From the restaurant, you can see the preload queue, the boat launch, and the swamp area. After that, the rest of the ride drops below your view. I'd say it's still worth going, and you still have a lot of rides to choose from. Are you visiting DCA as well? Yes you are correct. Pirates should be reopening on March 16th as it will celebrate its 50th anniversary, Matterhorn is closed on weekdays at the moment but is open on the weekends. This comes directly from a cast member at the resort. Have a great weekend.
  6. So I'm going on Sunday and I'm wondering if anyone has ever snuck in snacks, and if so how did you do it. (I'm a teenager and can't really afford buying lunch and dinner there so that's why I want to take in snacks)
  7. Clearly the best solution is to make it an electric fence... Jk. In all honesty though if that family sues cedar point should sue back for wasting their time. It would be awesome as there would be two stupid cases.
  8. Buzzfeed is reporting this, "Iger did not provide a timetable for when the company would break ground on the Star Wars lands, nor when they would be opening. But fans will likely have to wait for a while before journeying to a galaxy far, far away: A rep for the company told BuzzFeed News that the current plan is to break ground on Disneyland’s Star Wars land by the end of 2017. That land will reside where the Big Thunder Ranch is currently located within Disneyland, as well as some areas within the park that are currently off limits to the public. The Disney rep did not, however, have a time table for the Orlando version of Star Wars land."
  9. I know micechat is just a rumor site, but I'm starting to think that there may be truth to the toon town leaving as if you look at there picture of what will be take away 14 acres is the same as the area they circled. That also makes me think there is truth to the marvel land expansion for California Adventure.
  10. I think what's sort of ironic about this comment is that this is what people used to say about Psyclone. And then when they re-built Terminator in Psyclone's spot everyone was like "Oh, thank god!!!!!" and now it sounds like that ride has just turned into Psyclone II? Quite honestly I think Apocalypse's roughness is being over exaggerated. I've been on Ghostrider, Roar (west), Mean Streak, Blue Streak, and the Old Colossus and I don't even think Apocalypse was even close to being as bad when I rode it three weeks ago. Sure it is bouncy, but that's the nature of the ride. Apocalypse is the smoothest wooden coaster I've ever been on, but I know there are a lot better. I also know that this ride is still a great wooden coaster and definitely is not as bad as people exaggerate it to be.
  11. So guys I was thinking of going next Monday or Tuesday with a group of friends. Can you guys suggest if we need a flash pass and how busy it will be.
  12. So um well if you get the survey or need a link to it go to the six flags great adventure page and coick the link and take magic mountains. I was shocked about some of it!
  13. It is very sad that this happened as multiple things had to have gone wrong to get to the point where it collides. What is crazy about the crash is that the train that had just came out of the first part of the cobra roll and was at full speed when it hit the stalled train. Seeing that this section of the track has been trouble before the worst thing I could see happening to the smiler is that they replace the cobra roll with an over banked turn of some type. I see that with the history of the ride the park will have to do something with it and an overhaul of the computer system will not be enough to make GP comfortable with the ride. With the history of crashes like california screamin and such physical changes have been made to the rides which comfort the GP into making them think that the ride is safe once again. I think the likely outcome will be an overbanked turn replacing the cobra roll to prevent the train from not going all the way through the course.
  14. Guys if this makes you feel any better I can tell you this. I had the privilege of riding Superman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in early January. The Ride is very intense in G-Forces as in positive g-force.the george is from the quick 90 degree pull up and then the twist whips you around. The airtime in the ride comes from the twist to inversion part of the ride. If you sit in the front row it was definitely good airtime. Otherwise the rest of the ride is plain out fun. There is no waisted space on this roller coaster. In California only in my opinion only Xcelerator, Medusa, x2, and Tatsu are better. Even full throttle is not as good. The ride may not be the addition you thought you were going to get but it is definitely an above average roller coaster. Also I don't know if you guys have noticed but I think this entire ride has been stretched out horizontally due to the longer length of trains. Do you guys know? In some pictures on Behind the Thrills it seems that it may be.
  15. If this coaster is built and it rides well, this will easily go down as top 10 material. 650 ft with inversions and vertical drops, this is almost like a dream.
  16. Guys There is a trail adjacent to Luigis that could be used. It is the trail that connects bugs land to Cars land. I hardly ever see anyone use it plus it would triple the area of the ride.
  17. Well guys I'm at the park and it is empty for a holiday. The longest I waited was 35 minutes for Ghostrider.
  18. So considering that the New Texas Giant is 4200' long and is 150' feet tall, I think Colossus would need to add height to the lift of about 45' + to make it around the 4500 feet of track if it is indeed one track.
  19. I honestly can't believe I am saying this but Magic Mountain has handled the closing of Colossus amazingly well with out a hiccup. I mean honestly who knew such a bad management staff at MM could actually do something right. The whole way the ride was closed with a send off and a marathon was awesome. This is how iconic rides when they close should be handled. Now if Magic Mountain pulls this off maybe just maybe they can start to turn things around. Also just throwing this out there but RMC website states they only have three projects for the next two years. Two for 2015 which would be Colossus and Cyclone and one for 2016 which is Wildfire. So that rules out a 2016 opening date for Colossus and any other RMc projects unless something is developed quickly.
  20. So now the question is where is The B&M giga track. With the orange at holiday world and the teal a flyer track where is the Carowinds track. We may just have two shockers this year with Thunderbird being one and this one maybe not being a Beemer.
  21. No. The teal is flyer track. So the question is where the in the *bleep* is the teal going!!
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