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  1. No. The teal is flyer track. So the question is where the in the *bleep* is the teal going!!
  2. I'm sorry but, wtf? Where are you getting your info or are you just a troll because your post is not only confusing but complete ludicrous. And if you happen to be right and Werner Stengel comes out of retirement to design this then this will be kick ass.
  3. But Switzerland speaks a dialect of German as there main language. So it is B&M
  4. We'll here is.my last guess. With all the bird clues I can't help but realize this is a wing rider. But she keeps saying it is one of a kind so my guess is a...... Flying wing rider. It makes perfect sense as it really emphasizes the flying coaster experience as there in nothing above or below while laying down . Edit: not only would this be flipping amazing the whole train system which would the flip the riders would work with a simple motor to flip it and deadbolt locks to lock it in place.
  5. Can you guys say disney is or was planning an Iron Man flying roller coaster. I CAN!!! And it has an vertical launch! It will probably never happen but it is a cool idea.
  6. So, I was doing a little digging up on roller coaster patents and came up on an intresting idea. I understand it is from disney but Bolliger & mabillard can differentiate enough to make there own design. The design is you load sitting up but then the seats recline to where you are laying on your back. Not only would this be "one of a kind" and unique it would go along with many of the clues. First instance: The first few days saying you would not see the land for many days and many pictures of clouds. Makes sense as all you would see is the clouds. Second instance: Day 4 says we are to remain below but the children begged to stay outside. Back in the old ships there was only enough room to lay down when below deck. Also the children who stayed outside were looking at the sky. Third instance: it keeps saying how the journey has know end. We'll if you can't see the track clearly you would feel like it has no end. I think what we are gonna see here is a coaster that is reclined in the forward position(not the same as vekoma flyers) that for the ending it will do a manta roller coaster esque dive into the old pilgrims plunge pool and flip into flyer position before going into it signaling the end of the journey as you see the land. I know I've had multiple theories but this one just makes sense. I mean first of all there are no lay down roller coasters. Second of all Holiday world could market it as the first coaster to for you to lay on your back for a portion of the ride then fly on your stomach.
  7. Both of those are from oversea manufacturers. B&M makes there track in the USA. It will not cost a lot to ship to holiday world. Helix is generally very high off the ground and also Europe has insanely high taxes so helix cost a lot. It also had topography going against it. Maverick on the other hand was new technology with 5 trains and it uses a very expensive track system which almost doubles the amount of steel for that then what B&M track would cost. Full throttle cost 7 million had 2 launches of 70 mph and 2200 feet of track on a hillside. Now triple full throttle and all of a sudden you got 6 launches and 6600 feet of track. So if Holiday world wants 6,000 feet for 22 mil they will get it.
  8. 6,000 feet of track would be a tad bit too much for a 22 million dollar price tag, don't you think? No not at all because if you keep it low to the ground. X-flight cost 12 million and it is a wing coaster at 3,000 feet. Double that cost and take out the cost of a lift and put in a launch you got 6,000 feet for 22 mil.
  9. So I have kinda have been lurking in this thread and here is my thought. Since Paula said it will be a worlds first it rules out all basic B&M designs. So here is my idea. The station is built elevated 20 or more feet off the ground. You board the flyer train like normal and dispatch out of the station . You drop into a show building that is not visible from the station where you do an inversion or two and become disoriented. Just as you exit the building you flip and the launch is enclosed and projections of stars are on the ceiling . You instantly launch 0 to 62 into an inverted top hat where you become flying again. You from there go on a journey that stays low to the ground that is about 6,000 feet and you eventually end back in the station.
  10. Guys so I was looking at screamscape and I saw that they had got pictures of the footers for the giga. The look of the footers and in the back round you see circular molds makes me feel like this is not a B&M. Nor do i feel like it is Intamin. After taking lots of time looking at multiple footer lay outs from various company's and comparing it to the blue prints, I have come to the conclusion that this will be a Mack rides. My reasoning is that while the blueprints have the looks of a B&M, after seeing the way they are forming the footers and the looks of the footers seem off. Also we all know that Mack is willing to go giga hight as Helix at Liseberg was originally designed as a 270 foot behemoth and concept art also showed a massive break run. With Mack's recent success with relatively cheaper costs and a more risk taking design team that has worked with cedar fair a lot recently I think a mack it will be. What would standout more to the GP a ride that looks like Intimidator or a completely different looking roller coaster. That's just my opinion, but I'm probably wrong. My objection to about B&M was caused by the weird forms and footers they are using.
  11. Yes, they definitely are working in the old kingdom of the dinosaurs building as when i went to see Snoopy unleashed I looked across and they have danger caution tape across the entrance. They also have work equipment up there along with som water coolers for the workers and tables
  12. I went to Knott's today and I was really surprised about how well Ghostrider and Silver Bullet were riding. While Ghostrider was still rough, the roughness has been toned down a lot with new wood and the mid course break run is no longer completely stopping the train. It will roll through and be slowed down but not to a standstill. There was lots of this on it today and it was ejector in some places. Now for Silver bullet, having ridden this over 50 times my consensus is that it is getting better with age. Usually it is very force less besides the helix but the last 3 times I've gone the forces have been spreading out over the entire course. Today it was very evident as the entire time I felt glued to my seat and my feet were stuck where they started. Definitely not Batman forces but way better than it used to be.
  13. It sounds amazing, but if they ever do get it open for the 4 billion it would cost there would be a massive amount of money to make up before they even turn a profit. Plus 10,000 acres is roughly 2/3 the size of manhattan, so they would essentially be building a city from the ground up.
  14. I think todays clue signifies a support as they placed underneath the beam. So it is supporting the beam(track).
  15. I'm just going to throw this out there but when Leviathan was announced it was speculated it was supposed to go to Knott's. Leviathan is teal so maybe it could be take 2 for knott's for there Giga.
  16. Hey I need some help figuring out if I should by a flash pass for June 22nd which is a Sunday. I have only been once so will i need a flash pass. Thanks
  17. I'm pretty sure it's him or one of the other guys from Ride Centerline designing it (or maybe even both of them), and if that's the case then that actually gives me a LOT of hope for the coaster elements. Like I said, think a "vertical El Loco" with maybe a bit of Lightning Run thrown in there! Don't discount the ride because it doesn't look like something we've seen before. It could have potential! Ejector airtime 500 feet in the air would make my face like this
  18. Here is my reasoning as two why they had to reprofile this ride. As the sled goes down the first drop at such high speeds it is hydro planing over the trough. On the pull out your sled has to bend at a certain angle at a high rate of speed. Now that the sled is going upward the water rushing underneath the sled now has air pushing up on the front at that high of rate of speed. Now one bad bounce on the water for the sled would push the nose up and the increased surface area would allow for more air to push against it making the sled go airborne. So how does this have to deal with the reprofiling? On the pull out the radius is very acute which makes the sled bend more in the middle increasing the height off the trough in the front of the sled. This makes it where water going underneath it will disrupt the sleds travel and instead make it go airborn. With a gentler pull out the sled has to bend less therefore keeping the nose down. For an example of what is probably happening skip to 1:25 in the video.
  19. It is totally worth it and if you really like it you can buy a order separately from the card.
  20. Well I had a great day at Knott's today! It was extremely crowded but worth it. I went to Silver Bullet right at opening today as only 1 train operation would keep lines to two hours. It felt like the train was running slow today and the helix wasn't forceful, but still it was fun. Headed over to Ghostrider next and sat in the second car. I waited about an hour but it was well worth i. Surprisingly it was running pretty smooth and I got some airtime. After Ghost rider I headed to Revolution and waited a few minutes. That is when I saw Jaguar closed and mechanics working on Monte's loop. I headed to Xcelerator and rode twice. Xcelerator never gets old and that launch is amazing. I went to 3- point challenge to find out that the price had been raised to 6$ along with other games price raising. It looks as if they just stook stickers over the old prices for Easter weekend.I took a ride on Coast Rider, and boy is it trimmed. I mean as soon as a little lateral force started there were brakes.Boomerang's line was too long so I skipped, but Wipeout had a short line. Wipe out was the surprise of my day as every time you went up you got amazing airtime. I then proceeded to head over to the Rapids only to find out that the line was to the entrance with all the switchbacks open. I skipped that and went to head to Ghost again when the aroma of flank steak with cranberry sauce hit me. I ended buying the 20$ card. More on that latter. Halfway through the day Ghost, Bullet, and Xcellerator had 1 to 2 hour waits. That is when my day got interesting. I went to go on Supreme Scream and I got tower Blue, seats 7 and 8(with sister). I sat in seat 7 in which the restraint felt loose. As we dropped and I pushed a little on my restraint it opened up an inch. So after the third hump I started pushing on the restraint for it to open about 8 inches from my body. I instantly told the ride operator who then went and told the supervisor. Not 20 minutes later and a few test cycles, a mechanic came over and zip tied the restraint shut. I proceed to ride this ride five more times. At 4:30 I headed to Jaguar to see Montezuma's was open and I instantly got in line. I waited 30 minutes and when I got to my turn it went down. The ride had overshot the part of the station it was supposed to be in. You could tell the ops were frustrated and I found out why. The ride operator was talking to the mechanic next to the back row where I was and he said this was the fifth time today this had happened. I ended my ride part of the day with wipe out again. Totals for rides Xcellerator: 2 Silver Bullet: 1 Ghost rider: 1 Supreme Scream: 6 Wipe out: 4 Coast Rider: 1 Monte: 1 Sky Cabin: 1 Revolution: 1 Now on to the food: This last week and next week Knott's is having a Boysenberry festival. During this festival they have station set up through the park for food. They sell a tasting card for 20$. This is what's on this card. 1. Ear of Corn with Farm Fresh boysenberry butter The verdict: simply amazing as the corn was roasted right in front of you with amazing butter that had boysenberry chunks 2. Spicy Blueberry BBQ Wings The verdict: This was the best the wings were perfect and the sauce was absolutely amazing. The sauce was infused with boysenberries 3. Deep fried Alligator with fries and Boysenberry Aioli The verdict: This was definitely the runner up. As a first time alligator eater it really did taste like chicken. 4: Marinated Flank Steak Skewer with spicy Boysenberry BBQ sauce The Verdict: tender and perfectly cooked. 5. Deep fried Boysenberry Ice Cream The verdict: I was dissapointed as it was to hard and you had to wait for it to melt otherwise you broke your spoon. 6: Blueberry Stuffed Churro The verdict: Why can't Disney have these? It was so good All in all it was a great day at Knott's Berry Farm!
  21. I am at Knott's today and at opening there were many mechanics on a lift looking at the loop and doing welding on montezoomas.
  22. Here is a video of Action Park in action, including the looping slide. Not my video. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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