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  1. Skip to 1:45 to see footage of The Bat roller coaster at Kings Island. Now defunct Arrow suspended.
  2. My guess is they are in a hurry and will tear it all down and then rebuild the bridge.
  3. I don 't want a sky rush because of how uncomfortable it is Id rather have a B&m Hyper
  4. OMG!!! Go look at the development of the next rumor for knotts new ride and the rumor is big.
  5. Also remember cedar fair still has the trademark Road Trip to use it sounds like a roller coaster name and also it fits right in with the theming and everything back there and that sounds lIke a fast rollercoaster.
  6. I think we're getting a shambala because it has that heavenly banked water effect and our pool and turn is the perfect size
  7. You know what but I just remembered shambala has a fake water splash down that uses a water pool like perilous plunges and the dive machines use a water fin on the side that scrapes the water do it could be either one.
  8. With that new development iI know beleive another water ride or A dive machine with a splash down giga with a splash down or a hyper with a spsh down.
  9. Umlook at this interesting deveopment posted by the oc register "Knott's Berry Farm Perilous Plunge thrill-seekers take the first ride of the day on the last day of the ride before it closes permanently to the public after 12 years. The three-minute ride plunges 115 feet into water which usually soaks riders. Officials were mum on what ride will replace it but did said a bridge and water will remain. MINDY SCHAUER, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER" Here is the link http://www.ocregister.com/news/ride-370291-plunge-knott.html
  10. You no what I want I want a Mack mega coaster 200 ft tall or a skyrush. Skyrush is very plausible because it is very compact I'll even take a b&m hyper like shambala.
  11. Any one think maybe a looping strata coaster the tunnel used to get the right speed for the strata. Or maybe a launched Giga out of the tunnel.
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