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  1. Im sorry but I cant help it, we are gonna get a dual launched, hyper, woodie, rmc , topper track, and a 600 ft drop. JK!!!
  2. These are some good questions. Real Quick though I recommend getting the platinum flash pass with x2 and full throttle add on. You do not have to put what time you want to rude. I did all the rides yesterday twice (covered under flashpass) twice yesterday is a span from 11:00 to 6:00
  3. So did anyone go to the town board meeting to here what they are propossing
  4. Guys I got news. All the rollercoaster were running two trains except for scream. Riddlers revrnge third train is sitting right next to scream also. Last but not least Yolocoaster was running two trains
  5. Tonight on Ghostrider. I injured my ribs today at football. Last time I went on Ghostrider it was rough. Now it is unbearable. When we came into the station I could barely breathe and I got back spasms.
  6. So I went to Knott's today and I have sone good news and bad news. First the good news is I can confirm that xcelerator cable has been installed and is ready to. Both trains are on the track and ready to go. No mesd is left in the station. I talked to one of the night dhift workers as I was leaving and they are to commence testing tonight and hopefully open tommorow. The bad news is over the entirity of the day I asked over 25 employees and 18 of 25 said windseeker will be removed starting january/feburary.The other 7 said they did not know or can't say. I can aldo report that the door to the inside of the tower was open.
  7. Can you check and see if the cars and or supports holding the cars on windseeker are gone?
  8. I'm all for horror theming--looks like something from an old Universal flick. I'm starting to think this Matt Quimet as CEO of Cedar Fair is genius
  9. Well this is amazing!!! The part I'm shocked about is through out the pov it shows theming the entire way. The theming is headstones. Also Cedar fair THEMED a station!!!!
  10. Let's make Dollywood a world record breaking roller coaster called firechaser express in 2014
  11. I figured out how to ride green lantern comfortably as a man. I had heard that it would crush your balls. So before I went on I put a cup on and it worked.
  12. Yes apparently there have been reports from this morning saying three new flatbeds were out front with some more supports round and square
  13. I think this is fake because everything they have done has contradicted themselves. Also half of it was pictures of diamondback and Gatekeeper plus all that Latin writing
  14. Guys I got the world record. WORLDS STEEPEST LIFT HILL Edit I'm being sarcastic
  15. This is my first roller coaster from the app Aircoaster. The name is Wicked. This coaster is 230 ft tall and reaches speeds up to 80 mph. This coaster was inspired by my dream for the perfect roller coaster. Comments needed. m.youtube.com/watch?v=7NJgH6LHmkk My dream coaster under construction Dream coaster in operation with a 200 ft drop, double down, double up, double helix, over banked turn, airtime heel. Turn into a drop, right turn, over banked turn, right turn, airtime hill, right turn, and brake run Helix close up Airtime hill close up Another close up Right before last over banked turn close up
  16. The thing I do not understand is why would they but "Stengel" on a tomb
  17. I think there will be seven world records for seven owls Tallest invert:220-250ft Longest invert:5,000-6,000ft Fastest invert:75 mph Most inversions on invert:9 Longest drop on invert:250 ft Steepest drop on invert 80 degrees Most expensive invert:30 mil
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