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  1. So I can expect mindbender, batman, and GASM to still be closed? Are there any others?
  2. Last saturday was bring a friend for 9.99 and flash pass was a savior. Line to buy flash pass was over an hr so if its a long lone buy it online on phone and go through the online entrance.
  3. Maybe one of the motors up top broke. That seems to be the area they’ve been working on. That is indeed the case. The swinging motor failed on Tuesday, January 8th in the middle of a cycle. This left the frisbee full of passengers free-swinging for about 20 min until it finally lost momentum and came to a halt. Yes, I did witness this and I do have video saved on my phone of the incident. This will probably be a lengthy fix. Saw it run two test cycles this afternoon... So today was the first day of them using the watches as the flash pass. Took me an hour to get my flash passes as they were having trouble with the system. Accesso(sp) was on hand helping with problems. It took 30 min to get in the gate and an hour in flash pass so i did not get going till noon. It was a fun day though.
  4. Typically is x2 the only ride that does not open with the park? Also does all rides except x2 have bins for a small bag and drink cups? One last thing for flash pass even if we buy online do we have to wait in the flash pass line to get it or is there a seperate entrance for those that prepaid to puck up your flash pass.
  5. Taking the family out to magic mountain next saturday and sunday 1/19 & 20th from ohio. Think we will need flash pass both days?
  6. Ah yes, I'm glad you're so privy to their financial expectations relating to building the tallest, fastest, longest traditional steel coaster in the Americas. I'm sure their ROI will be "bleak" since people will avoid the park in droves because this ride isn't an Intamin masochist machine. What this boils down to is that this ride will be a massive hit. The GP will eat it up, I'll enjoy it and I'm sure the majority of enthusiasts will too. If you think that building a B&M gigacoaster will somehow result in less return on investment vs an Intamin one, you're just delusional. You know what keeps people away from a new ride? Off putting due to discomfort: Stand at the exit of Intimidator 305 for a few cycles, and you'll see plenty of people getting off of the ride saying "HOLY SH%T THAT'S A CRAZY RIDE, I'm getting right back in line". You'll also hear just as many people saying "HOLY SH%T THAT'S JUST TOO MUCH, I DONT THINK I'LL EVER RIDE THAT CRAZY THING AGAIN, IT'S JUST TOO MUCH". And then they'll walk over to Dominator or Volcano and stand in a 60-90 minute queue to enjoy those rides more. Reliability Issues: People will avoid going if the big new attraction is closed, and those who still go will be upset/disappointed. I305 was closed for an entire month last season, and during it's 1st season had significant reliability problems. As for actual "return on investment"... replacing thrashed wheels that cost over $1000 on a daily basis isn't good business sense, neither is having to rebuild a part of your brand new coaster because it placed too much stress on the train and it's riders. Ridership: I305 is obviously the king of the park- the big new flashy ride, yet it garners less of a wait running 1 train than Flight of Fear, Volcano and Dominator do running multiple trains every single day. Want to talk about bad return on investment? No brand new record breaking ride should ever be a constant walk on while the "old hat" rides around it garner lengthy queues- but that's exactly what happens on I305. Those are the issues that any park actually cares about with their new attraction, which is why parks will continue wait on a several years long wait list just to have the pleasure of building a crowd pleasing, massive capacity, 99% uptime ride that costs a fortune. At this point I think parks know whether or not B&M's have a good "return on investment". For everyone else... yes I know it's juts such a "disappointment" that you're going to be punished with a top 20 coaster that doesn't thrash you around and have huge reliability/safety problems. Honestly this sour attitude over any park that chooses not to build the craziest most unique Intamin ride on earth is really getting old. Complain all you want about B&M and their lack of innovation/solid rides but over the last few years they've brought Giga coasters, new style inverted coasters, wing coasters and launched coasters to the market yet they're still "stale". At this point lets just have establish a standard response to all rides every built in the future: Every single park should be ashamed of themselves for even considering things like guest feedback, return on investment, reliability, maintenance cost or safety- they should have just built a mega lite, an aquatrax or an I305. Anything else is just boring/disappointing/not worth your time. Which is fine, because luckily not a single park on earth needs to cater to the 1% of visitors that comprise bitchy enthusiasts- it's such a negligible demographic. "Events" for enthusiasts amount to nothing more than a company picnic for the parks bottom line, and that's about the only thing the park ever bothers to care about with regards to enthusiasts beyond Holiday World. Banshee at kings island is always a walk on....
  7. The batwing on Montu is way wore tighter than this one on banshee. It will waste the speed it gains after the zero g with that long drawn out batwing.
  8. B&M and Launch are two words that don't go in the same sentence.
  9. Trending #4 currently on yahoo. Parks don't trend that high unless there is a accident.
  10. If it dropped directly into the loop it would rival full throttle's 160' loop, but it goes into something than a loop so I am thinking a little taller than alpengiest which is around 106'. edit, why did it censor the new premier ride at MM?
  11. This may be a 25 million invert... The advertisement said "WORLD" record breaking attraction.
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