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  1. I would buy one for sure. They're handy if I want to show them off somewhere without internet.
  2. Kings Island is having a fundraising event to be among the first riders on Mystic Timbers. It's similar to Coasting for kids. The minimum amount raised to be at the event is $100. Here's a link to my page. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jasontibbetts/mystic-timbers-first-official-rides--launch-party Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks to all who have helped my raise money for this great cause known as Give Kids the World. I talked a friend of mine into doing this event for the first time and want to get her hooked on this fun event like I have been for the last 3 years. heres a link to her page. thanks to everyone for their support. http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1250963&pg=personal&fr_id=1371
  4. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.) Videos are not set to auto play on kindle fire or on desktop computer. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? I sometimes do share videos from the tpr facebook page sometimes but not very often from the tpr page. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) I like to share videos with crazy coasters or crazy new rides and sometimes crazy news stories also. 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? I usually watch the entire video on facebook. 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? (the image you see with the > Play icon before you click to watch a video) the title is what gets me to watch a video usually. the thumbnail does help though. 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I like to use facebook to keep track of news going on in the theme park and cruise universes. its an easy way to see things in an easy to read format. the only part of facebook I don't like is the facebook messenger to message other users. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? tpr does a great job on facebook. seeing the content helps get my excited to learn more about a ride or event that's coming up soon.
  5. The Cedar point coaster camp out was an absolute blast. I arrived at around 3:30 p.m. after parking in the soak city lot as directed I headed to the entrance to check in. There I got my lanyard and blanket. After dropping the blanket off at my car I headed to Ttd. But it was down. The load area still had people in it but the queue entrance was closed. Maybe 50 people were lined up. I waited out the delay and got up to the station. They needed one person to fill a train. I was the lucky winner. After Ttd I did a couple shows and a few rides. Rockin country is still one of my favorites. I headed to the back of the park for campsite check in. The line for the concrete sites was long but didn't take long. I chatted with some folks from Coaster crew while waiting. We all ended up getting sites in zone 2. We were at the saloon in Frontier town. Maverick was straight out my doorstep. Later when the creepy music began the monsters came out right by my tent. I had a hunch something crazy would happen on this night. I opened my tent and the witch poked her head in many face. They terrorized the tent next to mine. It was hilarious to watch. Jason McClure was around watching the fun. They used us to introduce the new Tombstone Territory maze for halloweekends. Jason remarked to me about how I had worked in that maze at kings island. I'd chatted with him at dinner about that. Overall the event was excellent. Enthusiasm was high in the rain for MF ert. People had many rides with little wait. After breakfast I watched ttd trains get put on the track. I departed mid morning from the park.
  6. Opening weekend has been a good one. First media day ride at about 550am was very fun. I had no idea where the heck on the track I was. Loved that! Scream for a kid again went very well. The only problem was that banshee tried to force air or otherwise out of my body. Things turned out OK. I wouldn't say the restraints are uncomfortable but they do put a squeeze on. I got in 7 rides including one today. Even though Robb gave me a hard time I waited 4 and a half hrs anyway. The extended queue has good views of the ride. I'll get pics and video up later. The park was packed but the weather was perfect. New this year at ki are pass holder events including Ert in may and breakfast with the peanuts characters and dinos. There's also a luau in July. 2014 is off to a great start.
  7. I was browsing the events page on the kings island site and this event was there and open to register. For those who havent done it yet here's how it works. We get to the park before it opens and then check in. There you get your T-shirt and other items. Instructions for the day are put out at that time. We head to diamondback for an hour of riding first. DONT PUT HANDS UP WHEN RIDING until told its OK. This was a problem last year. I didn't see it but it happened. The park wants good photos to use. Respect their rules and its a fun day. At The Racer and Diamondback we can ride as much as you can handle. Dback kicked a few peoples butts last year. You can ride 50 times or just 10. Some rode racer 100 times. At noon we head up to the international restaurant for lunch and a presentation by people from GKTW. it very much shows why we do this event. A family who's been to the resort tells their story. Kings island does a great job with the event. http://support.gktw.org/site/TR?fr_id=1236&pg=entry
  8. Color me rad is invading kings island in may and this year it goes through the park. I've started a TeamTpr if anyone wants to join up. Go to WWW.colormerad.com and to the Cincinnati event. Its 27 bucks with a pass for a few weeks. Its a fun reason to get colored up and be in the park at 730am!
  9. And i have my copy or Roller Coasters in the raw Volume 8 Blu Ray ordered. It should help get through the rest of the offseason nicely.
  10. Ill be doing the event at Kings Island also. I look forward to supporting a great place down in Orlando where familes can go to spend time together while the kids are going through tough times. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jasontibbetts/screamforakidagain
  11. Tapatalk is not only running well on my Gen 1 Kindlke Fire. Its running now even better on my kindle fire using Android 4.2 Jellybean. Its no longer running that nonsense amazon put on it.
  12. Heres another group of pics from closing weekend. Friday was cold and fairly busy. The Scream Like a Banshee finals were friday. Everyone was made up to look like a Banshee. Maybe next year there will be a Run like a Banshee event. I noticed survey markers outside the entrance but didnt get pics. There are a couple of stakes and spray paint marks in a few places. Hmmm!
  13. Once again it was time to go to Kings Island. The line at the front gate was large for a sunday. I may have been because they were giving out Charlie Brown bobbleheads to the first 5000 guests. When i got back to The Beast it was empty. I got in 2 rides without leaving the station. Later on i rode Backlot Stunt Coaster, Adventure Express and Flight Deck. Its empty under the Fd station. I wandered over to Soak City to check out the action over there. Afterwards i went to Graveyard Shift and Ed Alonzos show. On to the photos.
  14. Its time for another Kings Island update for this weekend. On friday i went through delta delta die, slaughterhouse and madame fatales. The actors in both had quite good timing as they went after people. They got the person i was with nicely. She even made me go first but that didnt work out to well. Tombstone terror tory was somewhat devoid of scareactors by the time we got to it. Saturday was PACKED to the brim. It was tough to move anywhere. Ed alonzo had a fine 7pm show. The crowd was going crazy with his shots at his helper onstage. She was "well endowed" and he went after that. On to Banshee photos. This week i was trying to find the places the lift hill was visible from. There are shots of Haunt decor too. Until next week...
  15. Glad you folks like my photos. Ill be there next weekend for more. Im betting at least part of the first inversion migtt go up this week. Ed alonzo is rocking kings island this year. Most shows, even on fridays have been packed. The scarezones this year are so so. The new one blood in the bayou has some creepy animatronics in it. You enter on the crypt side and come out on the pathway behind the eiffel tower. Scareactors throughout the park are scarce at times. Most jyst go boo or ghey so some kind of roar. I was in there shoes, and masks, 2 years ago. Its tough work at times. But always fun when you make a guest jump out of their skin. The lines have been short the last 3 fridays and busy on saturdays. I usually get 2 trips through most mazes each friday. If anyone has photo requests fire away.
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