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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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On 10/14/2020 at 10:53 AM, KIEnthusiast said:

Ok. Idk, I still think the story is a little fishy, but who knows?

We would have known because CGA would still have to have filed permits with the FAA for permission to build the ride.

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If people would say , “The capital originally intended for CGA was repurposed for KI instead”, that makes more sense. But saying a coaster went to park A instead of park B... there’s absolutely no way

Oh yeah, no complaints alright. I just hope all this virus crap doesn't affect our 2021.

Just found out not too long ago the parks in our area can reopen but Santa Clara county is forcing them to stay shut. In other news, scbb might be the first to open under newsoms new guidelines. 

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I think they only presented a future plan for cga as a plan to show Santa Clara county officials. It was harder to build before because Cedar Fair didn't own the land under that park. Now that they do own it, if they were to continue with the proposed coaster, it would be a lot easier to get past city officials as long as they're in guidance with sound checking like they did with Gold Striker. 

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