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  1. Question: I recently bought my first SeaWorld Platinum Pass from SeaWorld San Antonio. I know I get parking included and discounts on things like food and merchandise at SWSA, but do those things apply to other SW/BG parks? I can get into those parks but are parking and discounts included? I know bring-a-friend-free and attractions aren't, just wondering on the perks that would apply to all parks, like those for Six Flags and Cedar Fair Platinum passes. When I look at the SW and BG apps at any park other than SWSA, there are no Platinum Pass benefits listed. Heading next week to the first of all the SW/BG parks over the next few months and looking forward to it! Thanks for any info!
  2. Fixed! Sorry about that. I hate grammar errors, too. Can't tell you the last time I actually wrote out "dual" or "duel".
  3. That’s funny, I was there the same day (4/23)! Wasn’t expecting Superman to be open but got my first forward-facing ride on it. I think I hit it right after it opened as it was pretty much a walk-on. Seemed to run consistently all day as I kept hearing the launch at regular intervals. Scream had a rough day as it was open and closed at various times. It had minor delays a couple times when I was in the very short line toward the end of the day. They got it resolved both times fairly quickly. One time I was actually on the ride in the station and they had us get off because the train behind got stuck on the brake run. Goliath also went down briefly, was on the brake run when it happened. Funny to see the same guys come out to fix Goliath after seeing them at Scream just a few minutes earlier! The Twisted Colossus crew was having a competition late in the day to see which side would have all the restraints checked quickest. Seemed to help with a couple duels. There were a few near misses and some not even close, mostly due to restraint issues or slow riders getting seated. On my second lap, it looked like the train dispatched from the station in time for a duel but they sent it too early and it beat us over the hill. When was the last time they were too quick dispatching? Had the chicken and waffles (fresh and hot but needed more sauce) and the teriyaki chicken (really good, but I do miss Chop Six…the MM location was the best in the chain). Overall it was a great day at SFMM. Lines for a Sunday weren’t too bad (I avoided anything that looked like a long wait but rode just about everything I wanted to, except X2 which ran all day with shorter lines but I jarred my back on something, can’t remember what, and didn’t want to risk any serious injury so I skipped it). The longest line I waited in was probably for Green Lantern and that was probably only around 20 minutes. Loved all the relatively new boards throughout the park showing the ride wait times.
  4. Per queue-times.com, I305 has been open the past two weekends (with very short wait times!).
  5. Well, this is disappointing if true... It's the only ride on their website showing "closed for season".
  6. Moose riders rejoice! The website no longer lists them as "closed for the season".
  7. In case anyone missed it, their new ride for 2023 looks to be a retheme of the kids Wild Wheelz Arrow car ride. Sounds like some of the dinos will be animatronics!
  8. I know wild mice have crappy capacity but I certainly hope this is some kind of system glitch...
  9. ^ I think that's awesome! I hope they leave them up all year. Much better than some random benches strewn about. It really gives the park some character and a nice place for your group to sit and chat.
  10. I can attest that, on my only trip in 2019, I was able to ride solo on Woodstock Express. In fact, it was a Zen ride. Not my proudest moment but you do what you gotta do. At least the track is far from the midway so only the ride op shared my shame.
  11. Guessing it’s open later than everything else because it’s farther back in the park than everything else. Probably smart time management to not open the ride when no one would even show up in line for the first 30 minutes (really, who wouldn’t stop first at Superman before going to Batwing?) and not able to fill a full train for the next 30 minutes? Maybe giving them too much credit but the schedule probably comes from actual rider volume. Seems like a lot of parks are more smartly scheduling their limited staff where the crowds actually are at the start of the day and later opening rides that take a long time for the masses to work their way back to.
  12. The Flash retheme (basically) confirmed! Pictures taken at the park yesterday.
  13. I had some of the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had at Cotton Blossom BBQ at WoF. I actually went back in and complemented the staff! At SFGAm, the chicken sandwiches at Strutters are always good. If you like extra flavor, ask for them to make it spicy. Doesn't seem to be on the menu anymore, but they will make it that way if you ask. I also enjoy the Italian beef sandwich at Big Lou's. Quintessential Chicago food. Oh, and just recently I had the buffalo chicken quesadilla from Fiesta Fries Cantina. Surprisingly good and a ton of food, more than enough to share and only $1 on the SF meal plan.
  14. So, is line jumping a regular problem at CGA? I thought it was just my unfortunate timing as there seemed to be a lot of school groups that day. When I was there for my only trip in 2019, I experienced the worst line jumping I've ever seen. I was line jumped in almost every line, including most rides, food and even the security line. In the security line, several teen girls line jumped ahead of someone with clear disabilities. Pretty shameless. All the line jumping made for a very frustrating and disappointing day as I was excited to see CGA since SFGAm is my home park and I've been going there since it opened in 1976.
  15. Avalanche closed for the season is confirmed. At the top of the Avalanche page on their website (and on the roller coasters page) it says... "Avalanche will be closed for the 2021 season." https://www.kingsdominion.com/play/rides/avalanche
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