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  1. So, is line jumping a regular problem at CGA? I thought it was just my unfortunate timing as there seemed to be a lot of school groups that day. When I was there for my only trip in 2019, I experienced the worst line jumping I've ever seen. I was line jumped in almost every line, including most rides, food and even the security line. In the security line, several teen girls line jumped ahead of someone with clear disabilities. Pretty shameless. All the line jumping made for a very frustrating and disappointing day as I was excited to see CGA since SFGAm is my home park and I've been goin
  2. Avalanche closed for the season is confirmed. At the top of the Avalanche page on their website (and on the roller coasters page) it says... "Avalanche will be closed for the 2021 season." https://www.kingsdominion.com/play/rides/avalanche
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