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  1. Candymonium at Hersheypark. Guess the park isn't required, would be weird if it was at any other park.
  2. Can someone explain to me how Eejanika is tied with Smiler for 14 inversions? That one always confused me since watching it its clear its far fewer than that. RCDB has it listed as 3 now, but I swear a ways back they had the 14.
  3. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I didn't really have any issues with Skyrush. They do release the restraints a bit on the brake run, so you get some relief then. I will say the ride ops tended to be very staple happy (like put full body weight when pushing down) on Skyrush and a lot of other rides, so I'm not sure how much you can control things aside from maybe trying to lift your legs / flex your quads when they go to staple you.
  4. The point of entry for the fast track is at the bottom of the stairs for the station. When I was there Monday/Tuesday that looked like it would have cut the maximum 30 minute wait in half, so not really all that worth it IMO. Sounds like a decent plan of attack. The app wait times generally don't seem to be too accurate for all the rides unfortunately. When I was there, Candymonium becomes almost a walk on in the afternoon since there isn't much else in that area of the park. Reese's Cupfusion was a cute ride, but starts the day at an hour wait and doesn't drop down from that. Never saw Lightning Racer get more than a 10 minute wait, so I'd just do those when you're in the neighborhood unless you want to go up that hill a bunch. Seconding many people's recommendations of Chocolatier. Its a fair bit more expensive than most of the other food in the park, but offers unique options you won't get anywhere else.
  5. Yea, we're hoping the preview night has decent weather, but the weather for most of next week looks dire. I'm hoping whatever front is going through takes its time getting there and we get one good day. I'd be tempted to do their skip the line pass, but I've heard its not that helpful, so we'll just cross our fingers. Thanks for the tips!
  6. I'm slated to go to Hersheypark in about a week, but so far there's forecasted rain and thunderstorms every day we are there. What are operations like at Hersheypark in the rain / lightning? I assume everything shuts down for lightning, but do they try and keep most things open if there aren't thunderstorms in the area? What are the best things to do in Hershey if the park is rained out?
  7. Luckily planning to go the last week of July so I'll manage to get the credit.
  8. The company that bought the land specializes in industrial real estate (warehouses mainly), so my guess is something like an amazon fulfillment center. They only bought the land in 2019, I'm curious how much earlier this would have happened had they owned the land for longer. I have to imagine that given the pandemic and the short duration of time that it didn't appreciate a ton. Being able to turn a huge profit on the land sale to offset pandemic losses on the chain as a whole is probably a good business decision, but sucks to lose my favorite local park.
  9. On a very slight technicality, you'll be going ever so slightly faster if you're further from the center of the ride, so higher = faster.
  10. If I have one ride on Phoenix in a day, where should I try and sit? Front? Back? I’ve heard of a magic seat but googling didn’t yield too many solid hits.
  11. What are lines like on a weekday in the summer? I might be driving through PA and am trying to be greedy by stopping at Knoebels on the way to Kennywood from the Boston area since I don't have time to do both. Might be there at 5 or so and have 2, maybe 3 hours there. Also, anyone have insider info on when Flying Turns might open? Not trying to get my hopes up, but sounded like there was a chance it was nearing the end of its downtime.
  12. Went to CGA Monday and had a blast. Lines were a breeze right at opening. Managed to get 4 rides on RailBlazer and 1 on Gold Striker in the first hour and a half or so. This was my first time on RailBlazer, which was absolutely nutty, especially in the back. Gold Striker needs some TLC or topper track, but was still decently fun. Also got rides on Patriot and Flight Deck, both of which had decently long and slow moving lines due to training new staff or just slow ops (45 min and 1 hour+, respectively). My car on flight deck was a little odd as the whole thing vibrated just going through the station / up the lift, which I haven't had on a B&M. The park claimed that ride wait times would be updated on the app, which was 100% useless as the ride times were woefully wrong and had rides that were closed shown as open (and vice versa). Demon and Grizzly were both down, and I saw someone on a boom lift looking at the top of one of Demon's loops, so no idea when that'll open. Didn't go on any flats or the park's one operating water ride since the line was predictably long on a hot day (until Southbay Shores opens). They didn't seem to be selling FastPass (at least in the AM), which I found odd considering it'd be an easy way to make a bit more money, and we would have gladly bought it. COVID protocols weren't really enforced by staff except for a few. Distancing was probably the biggest issue, though there were definitely a number of maskless people in lines, on rides etc. along with the usual line jumping.
  13. Hilarious. Thanks for the TR and the sexy sexy photos of Hakugei.
  14. Makes sense with what I've been seeing. I'm in Cuba for about 10 days so I might still swing by the ones that a bit closer to other places of interest. Thanks!
  15. VegasCoaster


    I swear I saw someone's TR from a recent cruise or something showing the state of some of the Cuban theme parks. Anyone know which ones still have operating roller coasters or which parks are better than others? From RCDB it looked like there a lot of rides somewhat recently went SBNO, and Cuba isn't huge on websites, so easily findable information is at a premium. Was hoping to hit up Todo en Uno in Varadero and probably Isla del Coco and Parque Lenin in Havana. Thanks!
  16. Holy vegetarian options Batman! My wife will be thrilled. I'm afraid of how much money I will spend in Batuu between all the blue milk, food, and merch I'll be buying.
  17. Anyone with a pulse on the goings on at SFMM have a clue if Twisted Colossus, Lex Luthor, and Justice League will be open by December? Was hoping to get use out of my season pass for some new rides since the last time I've been but with Apocalypse and Green Lantern being closed for a while it'll pretty much only be Yolocoaster and OTSR-free Revolution that'll be new to me. I wouldn't expect lines to be crazy in early December, but was debating if regular or gold flash pass was worth it at all.
  18. Its been a while since I've visited, but I'm going to the park next Thursday and staying at Breakers Express to get the all important early entry. Does anyone know if you can park in the lot by Breakers / the waterpark if you aren't staying at Breakers or going to the waterpark? Trying to get closer to Steel Vengeance at the start. Thanks!
  19. This looks so awesome. Sounds like there's a blocking system to prevent some gnarly accidents, though I'm curious if there's a way to force people around or let them back out if they chicken out. After poking around the website a bit, I think I've also found the weirdest ride backing music ever in their roller coasters with your own car concept: And this sky ride for your car in German that ends in a very politically charged English bit:
  20. I imagine virtual loop is making the room spin as you go through it? Really curious what that is / how it'll work. Seems like a good addition to the park either way.
  21. I love how it seems to barely make it back into the station. Looks like it could valley with just the right weight distribution.
  22. Busch Gardens Unveils New 9,600-Mile-Long Endurance Coaster Dear god why is it a Togo standup? Is there no mercy? It even makes a brief trip up to Canada.
  23. I was thinking it might be a new ride system with the whole family not having a great track record with boats thing. "Join Anna & Elsa on a terrifying boat journey as they continue to showcase the family's history of trauma, as they meet up with Olaf, a lovable snowman who likes warm hugs and..."
  24. I'll be going to Japan in January or February (totally ready to freeze my tits off), and will be going to the Tokyo Disney Resort. I know Robb has recommended staying at the Hotel MiraCosta but the only available rooms are several thousand dollars a night (USD). It looks like the official non-Disney resort hotels, namely the Sheraton, are about half the cost of the Disney Ambassador and Disnleyland Hotel. Is there enough Disney magic at the hotels or benefit from being that much closer to the parks than the other official hotels? It looks like the official Disney hotel guests get into the parks a whole 15 minutes earlier than the rest, but I wouldn't expect huge crowds mid week in the winter.
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