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  1. Including the annoying as hell random trim brake! Was a good ride though in all seriousness. Didn't remember that you can make the transfer tracks as part of the same ride even though they aren't rideable. Looks great.
  2. Spartan Here's my entry for this week's "Track of the Week" contest. Spartan is a forceful ~120' , airtime packed B&M sit-down looper. Enjoy!
  3. Apparently flushing toilet paper after use isn't that common in some cultures. I once had a room mate in college ask me whether we should do that or not in our apartment. Standing on the seat seems strange though.
  4. Absolutely amazing update. Its so in depth that I almost feel like I don't need to go. Seriously starting my Japan fund sometime in the near future.
  5. Hanno at Tokyo Disney Sea? I don't even need the bag of crap to be excited about this! Can't wait until I've got enough money saved up to go there.
  6. Every time I try and open the file I get an invalid data error. Any tips for solving that?
  7. Thanks Clarkson............in the world. If only I had a bit of time this weekend. Stupid deadlines.
  8. That's not a Ferrari World problem, that sounds pretty standard for what they charge for anything with their logo on it. It definitely doesn't help that its in a theme park but I think in the Ferrari shop at the Wynn in Vegas you can buy a $200 umbrella. Sad to hear the park isn't exactly thriving but I can't say I didn't expect that to a point.
  9. The pizza looks good actually. Also free samples of krispy kremes while waiting in line seems awesome!
  10. I suddenly feel an urge to increase the number of emails I send to Dan and the number of entries into the Game Exchange contests. All part of Robb's plan? If so its working quite well!
  11. I can't open Bronco due to some missing object ID, but it looks nice. Any custom scenery or anything else that might be causing that?
  12. Here's my submission for this week: Quetzalcoatl No theming aside from the station, but its the coaster that counts, right? Take a flight on this mythical winged creature if you dare.
  13. Congrats! I started a submission on Saturday but couldn't get around to finishing all the theming so I didn't wind up submitting it. Probably give this one a try though.
  14. Conveniently enough I missed the last contest since I thought it was due midnight on the midnight of whatever day it was due and not the night before. Either way here's my submission for this week's contest. Wildfire Its a terrain Arrow Looper with some great moments of air.
  15. That damn bug with the AI screwed me over at the end. I was crapping money and had all the people and the rating and then 78 lost depressed people decided they wanted to leave. Also people love congregating in the most crowded part of the park and then complaining about the crowds. Oh well, it was fun until that last bit.
  16. What time zone is midnight measured from? I think I should make it considering I'm in year 5 but it might come close with any hiccups with the upload process.
  17. If only I had realized this earlier! I just found my RCT disc and installed it after not playing for 6 some odd years. Might give it a go and see if I can get past it in the next 24 hours, but definitely in for the next one.
  18. Since I'm a recent bay area transplant and haven't been able to go to a TPR event due to lack of funds and or time, this works perfectly! I'd love to go. I wouldn't need transportation or lodging due to the being a local.
  19. I think the whole claim that they have the first beyond vertical drop is meant to be read as the first beyond vertical drop on a coaster with three inversions in the US. I think the other Eurofighters and Macerick both have 2 inversions and Fahrenheit has something like 6. Horray for marketing getting creative.
  20. Whats the little track thing with the red edges in the third to last picture? Looks fun whatever it is. Great pictures!
  21. I'd like to see some more pictures of the base of the ride and how that was connected because that seems like the major problem. From the video grabs on the first post it looks like the anchorage of the base of the tower was insufficient as the one article claims. The counterweight actually shouldn't be much of a concern since the only thing which is changing by the position of the car is the amount of bending on the main support and base, and you should be able to determine that and design for it very easily. Normally I'd expect to see the bolts on the base getting embedded in concrete, but i
  22. But Paul the octopus can't be wrong! I'm going for Spain since their defense looks a bit stronger but it looks like if you can stop David Villa, you can stop Spain. I'm happy with either winning especially since neither has won before and they're both very talented.
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