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  1. On Mine Train Ulven at Bakken it is quite possible to smack your arm on a tree branch on the first drop, as I did it every time I rode. I've also hit my hand on another piece of track at Bellewaerde on Keverbaan. Other than that all the headchoppers I've been on have been listed.
  2. When I rode it, everyone who was on the ride was actually grabbing their ears and moaning in pain. Its the roughest ride I've ever been on (Psyclone being closed that day), including any Arrow or Vekoma. The ride was good in concept, and if you could rework some of the tracking or do something to make it not bat your head to death, it'd be a fun ride. It'd be fun to see one of Arrow's inverted mice things there (forgot what they were called its been so long).
  3. I'll ride it if you bank that last bit. That seems like it would snap people's necks. The park looks quite good, and very true to the movies.
  4. I believe that is more of a difference in style of speech due to the times. Everything they said is infact true, it does have a vertical drop of 114 feet, but vertical in the sense of that is how high the drop is, infact the bit right after that states that the drop is taken at 55 degrees. Its just a matter of how one interprets what they say, and how we generally take things to mean now.
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