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  1. Wow, thanks for the extremely informative PTR. I almost feel like I learned some stuff while reading all of that. Looks like a cool museum that I might have to check out if I'm in the DC area sometime.
  2. This is something I have often thought, about and is a very intriguing topic and quite a good discussion. I've always looked at LSMs as quite inefficient, since my first experience with them was S:TE and it has all those little sheds just to house everything to make that launch possible. I would agree with most everything said about the LIM and LSM, but would it be possible that the old school flywheel and weight drop launch methods could be close? I know they won't generate the numbers that LIM and LSM are capable of, but if you designed the flywheel correctly it shouldn't take that much
  3. Good! The Phoenix location was so loud you couldn't hear the people next to you. While I do like the food there and I'm always good for a little tongue in cheek humor, it was a pretty bad restaurant overall.
  4. I've been on three and will be on four as soon as I can find the time to drive up to the Dallas area.
  5. I loved Tivoli Gardens when I got to go there. I was actually with a band that was in a exchange program so we got to play there, which was pretty cool. I like Bakken's Rutschebanen a little better than Tivoli Garden's, but both are totally WTF rides since there is a surprisingly large amount of airtime, and no upstops. Looks like there have been a ton of great additions since I've been there.
  6. All that candy looks delicious. Ah to not be a starving college student. Might be able to catch the TPR party in Texas, but thats still up in the air at the moment. Looks like a blast and can't wait to see more. Oh, and nice jersey non-German Tom.
  7. 14/20 since I don't know the old East Coast parks too well and mixed up some of the Ohio ones.
  8. So much for what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas. Sounds like a great time at the Strat. I don't actually find X-Scream to be that thrilling despite its precarious location, but the the Big Shot and Insanity are great. I'm surprised they let your hot friends ride with sandals on, last time they practically did a cavity search to make sure nothing would fly off the ride.
  9. The Skatalites at Auditorium Shores here in lovely Austin, TX. Great show. Pretty much like seeing a jazz concert but it was all ska.
  10. How does one retrack a steel coaster? Do they physically replace the track and redesign some of the supports or can they get away with welding plates to the existing structure to retrofit it so it can handle the forces?
  11. Probably because so few of us will be able to go over and ride it. I'm sure if the ridership was there they would do everything they could, but I don't see a bunch of coaster enthusiasts in a country far away carrying a whole lot of weight in their decisions.
  12. I've heard a bit of a different story actually. My mom managed to go to Mesa Grill once and he was working the grill, which if you've been there is quite visible. He was also signing books for any costumers that wanted him too. I'm sure with how many tv shows he is on now, he has to stick to his NY restaurants, but he always seems to be at Bar American for Throwdown. I managed to eat at Mesa Grill with my girlfriend for dinner including alcohol and desserts for roughly $50 a person. Granted, we didn't have much alcohol, but everything was delicious. Great update!
  13. The ride looks like it will be a lot of fun. Something tells me that with the tallest water ride in the world, if you ran with the typical huge splash it would be a rather uncomfortable ride as people would probably all slam their heads onto the seat in front of them at splashdown. The lift system looks amazing and possibly the scariest part of the ride.
  14. Its still around its just a different casino now. I think its Bill's Gambling Hall & Saloon. Not sure how many changes have been made but Drai's is still there and they have reasonably priced rooms with flat screen tvs.
  15. If you are still in Vegas / go again, go to Bouchon (in the Venetian). Its owned by the nation's best chef and while its all simple food its damn delicious. I'd recommend the roasted chicken, which was by far one of the best things I've eaten. Mesa Grill is amazing as well, but I'd give the edge to Bouchon. Also one of the pictures of the Venetian is actually in the Palazzo, which is also a very nice place to stay. Glad you survived or decided not to brave Manhattan Express so you could bring us this update!
  16. Man, you have some great luck with winning the lottery for broadway shows! Maybe you should try the real lottery sometime.
  17. That salad look f'in amazing. Transatlantic cruises seem like they could be a ton of fun. You still manage to have fun on the ship after 9 days onboard? Amazing.
  18. Tickets to the Chelsea vs. Club America game in Dallas in July. $60 Don't really like Chelsea and haven't heard of Club America, but its world class soccer and the seats are pretty decent. Also a hell of a lot cheaper than seeing a team of Chelsea's caliber in just about every other stadium in England.
  19. I'm hungry now damnit. Looks like a lot of really good food. Seems like most of the best food is in little hole in the wall places like the first sushi place you showed. Can't wait to see more!
  20. Wood: Shivering Timbers The Voyage Steel: S:ROS at SFNE (I guess its Bizarro now) Maverick (portions of it at least)
  21. Great TR! Looks like a bit of editing went into the pictures and the scenery is just amazing. I hope to take a cruise to Alaska someday, are there are excursions I shouldn't miss out on? Congrats on the marriage!
  22. Ria's bluebird is great! I ate there twice last year when my girlfriend and I went to Atlanta for spring break. Good TR!
  23. The park is packed already? I would think it would still be early for crowds that large, granted we have better weather than most places too. I need to make it to Schlitterbahn, Kemah Boardwalk and SFOT before I graduate. Knocked out SFFT in under three hours this fall except the kiddie credit was under construction for Wiggles World.
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