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  1. Sorry, but she actually died last year. www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,340332,00.html I can't believe that she was actually able to get out and walk after having that occur. Talk about one tough girl, God Bless her.
  2. Perhaps one of the E-Tickets at Disney Sea assuming I just appeared there at this moment. It doesn't look like I'll be there for awhile.
  3. I That would be really cool if it was used in conjunction with a brake run. While I would hope it's not a speed killer, the sensation of attempting to brake prior to launching off the edge could turn the MCBR into something actually enjoyable.
  4. I guarantee you guys that we walk into other industries and sound just as bad to its respective experts in that specific arena. I'm heavily involved in aviation and I kind pf slap my face each time somebody calls a 757 a jumbo jet or claims that their aircraft nearly crashed during landing. As such, I am also confident that I have made quite a few people elsewhere want to give me to boot and start a discussion regarding how people like me ruin their particular hobbies. I'm pretty sure that we all come out near even in the very end.
  5. Those turns actually look very tight within the show building. Considering how fast another version of this same coaster model travels around corners, this could be a surprise. Then again, they may just want to slow it down to the point where you are focusing more on the FX than the coaster itself. I hope that they give you more than just a split second to enjoy the interior. Besides, launches tend to be one of the more intense coaster experiences and this one already has two. Not bad for a family coaster. As for the interior, I imagine that the walls showing in the concept art will probably be either backdrops within the building, barriers between scenes, or both. Either way, this one is looking good.
  6. He probably could have done something but the alternative was likely worse. For instance, would you rather crash into a small ferris wheel or a crowded midway?
  7. Being a pilot myself, it always seems like people are out to get us. If your car loses control due to a worn tire blowing out and you slam into another car, people blame it on the tire and look the other way. If the engine in my aircraft loses enough power to maintain altitude, then I somehow failed to determine that my aircraft was airworthy. I'm pretty confident that the pilot in command didn't look at the ferris wheel and think "TARGET!" Also, at least within the US, there are laws governing the overflight of crowded social gatherings such as a fair. Personally, I think that there's a much higher risk on a city street with cars doing nearly 40 mph. just feet away from pedestrians on the side walk than a light plane weighing half as much as a car flying 500 ft. over a crowd. The Disney issue is a bit akward and I think it's just as much to relieve the congestion of air traffic over their parks as it is an anti-terror act. I'm not sure about DisneyLand but I believe that Orlando's air traffic control will occasionally grant permission to overfly the resort if requested.
  8. After watching America's Greatest Coaster Thrills in 3D or whatever the proper name was, I was too young to even remember, this is devastating. I'm happy that he survived this long to see just where the industry would wind up thanks to some of his creations such as the corkscrew and the modern hyper. These designs are still very relative today and continue to dominate park skylines. In addition, I never knew of his other achievements which prove just how brilliant this man was. Ron, God bless you and thank you for bringing joy to this world that will continue down the road for generations.
  9. So, Universal had to settle with a WB movie for a new land and now Disney is settling with 20th Century Fox. Oh well, I'm sure it will be pretty but this is almost too weird for my tastes.
  10. There's nothing wrong with some chairlift upgrades! After all, high speed quads cost millions in themselves and there were previous images of Homewood that actually had a lift titled as a gondola. The initial price of a gondola these days is actually in the ballpark of many coasters so it shows that they are willing to invest. In fact, there are many times where I would rather have a fixed grip chair replaced with a high speed than some new terrain. I'm not saying that they're going to plop down some world beater during their first year of ownership but they are willing to invest.
  11. Maybe so, but this is CGA, not that they cant go a good job, but Great America and a ski resort are kinda different from each other, its like Apple making a video game console, OH WAIT they did, and we all now what happened there Perhaps, but I need to feel positive about something tonight. Maybe I'll change it from they will run a theme park well to they should be able to run a theme park well.
  12. Is it just me or does it appear as if the "drop section" or whatever it turns out to be may also bank a bit? The ride envelope in one of the images appears offset compared to the level image beside it so I wonder if there is purpose in that. Also, does anybody have information on possible effects inside the building? It's looking a bit larger than even the blueprints make it appear so I wonder how many quality effects they can squeeze into there. Perhaps they will trim this section a bit to increase its duration as the coaster experience may take backseat to the ride effects.
  13. Just to throw it out there, I have been to two of their ski resorts and they appeared to be kept up pretty well. From the looks of it, they HAVE invested quite a bit into these two resorts so I don't see why they would feel any different about a theme park. In addition, unlike many ski areas, these two lacked the posh shopping villages that appear at the bases of many other ski resorts these days so they appear dedicated to the core product that a property offers. If they can run a theme park as well as a ski area then this place in in good hands. After visiting the park last year and experiencing its current state, I am very happy about this news.
  14. So far this park has a great hyper, a massive dive machine, a monstrous invert, and a great classic Arrow looper. How can anybody be upset that this attraction won't be more exciting when you have such a lineup already in existence at this park? After all, it's replacing what was the park's one true family coaster so why should it be massive? The park will eventually get another thrill machine but this is filling a void that such a large ride couldn't fill. I agree with everybody else that it would have been nice to see more of what's going on but it's good to have a little bit more clarity now. As for the long ride time, keep in mind that this probably includes the time spent holding for launches and whatnot. In addition, the show building could consume quite a bit of time as well by possibly slowing and completely stopping the train. What we have here appears to be a launched version of Alton Towers' last investment so how could it possibly be bad? In addition, it looks to have a few new tricks up its sleeve thanks to the leaked images.
  15. It looks pretty good and is probably long overdue. Now, if only the Stratosphere would try again at this!
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