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  1. Holy crap Fireball looks amazing! From the pics I had seen it seemed like a rather traditional out and back, but they switched it up quite a bit. The Happy Valley parks all seem to have great theming and it looks like this one is a little below par in places, but that mine train looks sweet.
  2. That has to be the best gay porn title out there. I never knew SFMM was that well known so other people would get the word play. Looks like a great start to what I'm sure was yet another great TPR trip.
  3. Yeah it looks like Arsenal is going to have a good season! Oh wait, wrong football. It'd be a miracle for the Cardinals to pull off what they did last year, but as the only team near me for most of my life, had to root for them and they got my hopes up. On the college front. Hook 'em!
  4. I don't know why you would necessarily want this to be like MF. As its currently running you can get airtime off of maybe 2 of the 3 hills after the lift. This has the ride listed as having 6 instances of airtime and just because they aren't profiled to be the standard bunny hop airtime hill, doesn't mean they won't deliver. This should be going through the layout much quicker since the first drops are the same height and the second hill on this is 32' shorter and a lot sooner in the layout. Don't get me wrong, I love MF, but if they built a clone of it or added a whole one or two bunny hi
  5. Totally beats getting a gigacoaster. Kind of expected all the paramount parks to get Snoopified seeing as I don't think Cedar Fair owns the rights to too much else.
  6. Ummm... I'm not sure its feasible to do a whole lot more than TTD and Kingda Ka do when you go that high. Sure you can build a vertical lift to save room, but the size of the layout is going to be huge so you can make any transitions gradual enough to handle the speed. While we can theorize and make nifty models in NoLimits or RCT or whatever, people don't generally consider how much dough it takes to actually make what they build. I can't think of many parks that have the cash or the space to beat a giga coaster without it being Kingda Ka + 10mph and another 20 ft.
  7. I'm not sure how high that second hill is considering they list the other hills at being 150 ft, which can mean total or maybe they are only counting the second hill in that. Regardless, MF: 1st drop: 300' 2nd Hill: 169' I305: 1st drop: 300' 2nd Hill: 150' max. and keep in mind that Intimidator will have much less track before hitting that without an overbank. There ought to be more airtime on that thing than the video shows considering MF at least used to have some floater air on the second hill. The other hills look to have a great profile for air considering how fast y
  8. Why did it have to be OTSR's? The layout looks awesome. Not that impressive at first glance but it is going to have a Maverick feel to it since there doesn't seem to be another hill thats half as big as the first drop and tons of back to back turns. The airtime on some of those hills is looking to be throw your crotch into the restraint ejector air. Can't wait to ride it! Oh yeah and as for the supports, it seems like the track has been built to be rigid enough to span that kind of distance between those supports, which I think is pretty damn cool from a structural point of view. Not the e
  9. If you have any sort of annual event or anything like that it needs to be here: City Museum You guys can also go on trips to Europe and other places that aren't so lawsuit happy and go on the crazy playgrounds they have.
  10. Having gone to college in St. Louis, City Museum is by far one of the coolest things to do in STL. You missed what is probably the best slide in the place by not crawling over that arched tube of death out in MonstroCity. The key to City Museum is to wear some form of slick pants (workout shorts, track pants etc.) so you really get going on the slides. The place always changes so its great to go back to. I think the scariest thing I've done there is actually a tunnel along the row of benches by that whale that goes under the walkway and shoots you out on the other side of the room. Oh yeah
  11. This looks amazing! I've heard good things about the other LIM Rocket slides, and with the location and the layout of this one it looks like it'll be a contender to take down Master Blaster.
  12. There are certain screams that are so annoying I want to punch people in the face. However, 99% of the time it is perfectly fine. I think a ride where everyone was perfectly silent would be really weird. It almost seems like it adds to the intensity of the experience a bit.
  13. I haven't been on Evel Knievil, but last year the boss was running pretty horribly and Screamin Eagle was pretty good. Either way I'm still guessing if all of SFStL's woodies are running well they still won't hold a candle to Holiday World's.
  14. 7/20 Most of the famous ones I got right, but I haven't heard of half of the enthusiasts that were quoted. The actual Robb quote was a giveaway though I thought.
  15. From the topic, I thought you had been working on some ultra cool new drop tower in RCT 2 for a year. Aside from the initial let down, the park looks really good and the surrounding area is a nice touch. Keep plugging away at it!
  16. Just got back from seeing Reel Big Fish and the English Beat at La Zona Rosa in Austin. The English Beat played a good set but some of their newer songs didn't seem to excite the crowd a whole lot. However, their older stuff and their hits like "Save it for Later" and "Mirror in the Bathroom" got everyone going pretty well. They seemed to have good interactions with the crowd in between songs like dedicating "Can't get used to losing you" to his liver and requesting that all the girls continue to drink throughout the night. Reel Big Fish played a lot of their older stuff which was grea
  17. Not that I went to Kemah with TPR, but I went a week or two before hand and thought that Boardwalk Bullet was fine. It rained for 5 minutes or so right before I got on and it was a pretty hot day, but it seemed fine. It threw you around quite a bit don't get me wrong, but it was definitely tolerable. No where near Psyclone or Son of Beast in my opinion, but then again with wood a lot can change.
  18. Oh really guy entering the car from the unloading platform, I'm on that tv show that no one knows about!! Sweet! Those gigantic black boxes on the front of the train totally fooled me. What do you mean we just rode that part of Boomerang. It doesn't go upside down 18 times? I also love the mistakes the production crew make in the show. There have been several times the graphics have been for the wrong amount or have had spelling errors. While it is a blatant rip off of cash cab, I would love to go on it, especially with the opportunity to get paid to shove some fast food down my mouth
  19. I hate that I had to start working last week. This looked like it would have been a ton of fun but work strikes again. Enjoy the rest of the trip!
  20. That statue / monument thing for Christopher Columbus is one of the most phallic things I've ever seen.
  21. Damnit. Now I'm starving and I don't have a 10' skillet to cook things on. Seeing as how I loved SDC, I need to get to Dollywood, it looks like a blast.
  22. Nothing too bad, but a true one. Shortly after my birthday my room mates and I moved out of our old apartment to avoid one of the other room mates. He had started stealing stuff from one of our room mates and apparently was peeing on people's bathmats for no reason. My girlfriend decided to buy me two TPR DVD's and didn't know that I had moved, and now my old room mate "claims" to never have seen them so nobody knows where they are. FML.
  23. Even though I threw up in my mouth a bit, I have to vote #8, it just made me laugh too hard. If not #8, then I vote for the threesome, but can't remember which one that is.
  24. Chain: CPK .Admittedly not traditional pizza, but delicious nonetheless. Local: Metro Pizza in Las Vegas. If I had been able to go to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn the day I was in NYC, my answer might be different, but I couldn't stand in line an hour and a half for lunch.
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