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  1. Deep fried candy bar because I've had a deep fried snickers and something about the frying makes them better. The bacon wrapped, beef surrounded, cheese topped, deep fried hot dog sounds a bit too over the top for me. I value my life a little more than that.
  2. Thou shall not worship idols perhaps, though you think seeing as its the same religion that wouldn't follow exactly. Perhaps we can go Jerry Falwell on it and try and see this as a sign that God is angry at...maybe all the anti-gay people or the pedophiles. Unfortunately that article says that they will be replacing it so there goes another $700,000 that could have been spent in the community or on helping the hungry or something actually productive.
  3. Find a job. If anyone knows any structural engineering firms who need a recent masters graduate, feel free to pm / email me. Only slightly kidding.
  4. I tried searching for other topics for funny onride pictures since this isn't me and it most definitely violates park policies etc., but it was good for a laugh. Extreme Jenga.
  5. I don't even know where they'll go with this. Some weird Truman Show like thing where people are in this theme park completely controlled by others they don't even know about? I hope there's a giant floating claw that drags people off and drowns them. Actually come to think of it this could be an incredibly dark movie.
  6. I like what I'm seeing so far. There was a video posted somewhere that a guy filmed from his balcony staying at one of the Disneyland resort hotels. The show was a lot longer than I thought a dancing fountains show could ever be, but I don't think the jazz reel they just released shows the best of what I saw from that. There seemed to be a good solid minute or two of the entire lake turning into fire from what that video showed. They might have to put a splash zone and no one with excessive hair product zone for that first row. Either way it looks good from what I can see, but it'll probably i
  7. The World Cup might not be #1 in the states but I guarantee you it blows the crap out of any other sports competition aside from maybe the Olympics when you look at the world audience. Granted it might not be fair to compare those because most countries could probably care less if West Virginia beats Duke or who wins the Super Bowl. There might also be something to a numbers game for those half time commercials. If you've ever seen a Champions League game, which are sponsored by Heineken, their ads are on multiple times every commercial break and you have a huge audience that has to watch thos
  8. I think an upside down launch would be doable. Odds are if you do that you're going to go with a rolling launch like Formule x has, but just inverted. You'd probably have the track sloping upward the entire launch so if for some odd reason there's an e-stop or some other problem it has the momentum to roll back down the launch track, through the half heartline spin and come to some area where the cars are at least upright. I've never been in an X-car but it would be weird to get that dangling out of your seat feeling while getting launched. Cool idea and I hope some more information is uncover
  9. It seems really weird to put bolts on the top of the flange like that. Any chance of the car sliding over and catching those would make for a very interesting accident. While I'm sure its safe and they've calculated all the possible paths of the train, I'd still feel a lot better if they put them on the sides or on the web somehow.
  10. Yeah that or something weird happened in a wave pool. Its hard to think of too many things that can happen to that many people in a waterpark.
  11. It looks like it has more air than the typical B&M, though I haven't been on their latest creations. The newest I've been on was Goliath at SFOG and it had floater air for the most part but some of those hills seem to have more pop to them. Somehow the real car's sponsor logos look a little more spread out to me, giving it a less cheap feel to it but the coaster doesn't have many other options to try and recreate that effect. Can't wait to see the POV for Intimidator-305.
  12. You: Your the retard, You: obviously. *You're* the retard.
  13. Most unique thing was the fried oreos. Delicious.
  14. I rode Countdown to Extinction when Animal Kingdom was open for resort guests, and someone in line claiming to be an imagineer said that those labels on the pipes were formulas for ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. At first glance it looks like that might be partly true. I see salt in the ketchup and my guess is the other ingredients are in latin by the looks of it.
  15. If the final is Germany v. Australia I will be absolutely shocked. Group A: I think Mexico and France will be the ones to advance. South Africa has the home advantage, but I'm not sure that will be enough to top Mexico or France. Group B: Argentina and Greece, if Argentina gets their act together that is. Maradonna may have the hand of god, but he hasn't seemed to inspire a whole lot out of the very talented squad. Group C: England and USA. I think England could win it all but with Terry causing all sorts of havoc with other players I'm not sure if the drama will be able to be lef
  16. An egg white sandwich with spinach and bacon for brunch and home made pasta carbonara with spinach and broccoli as I type this.
  17. I lived less than a mile from GVR so it seemed a bit weird to be worthy of a reality show, but it was a good show. GVR is definitely the best local casino in my opinion since its got the best quality and its also still incredibly easy and quick to get to the strip. Might not be the cheapest local casino, but aside from the few newer local casinos, its in a league of its own.
  18. If the car is actively being held to the track it shouldn't matter, and I'm thinking more of the Intamin 10 inversion roller coaster kind of heartline roll, not a zero-g roll like on a B&M.
  19. I've always wanted them to have a heartline roll on F1 tracks since the cars generate enough down force they could drive upside down. Only problem is if you aren't at speed it doesn't tend to work so well. Cool trick, seems like a knock off show of Top Gear though.
  20. At SFOT they have these signs in all the stations that say "Sense of Urgency" on them. I have no idea what they are for aside from maybe telling all the ride ops to hurry the heck up, but I found them amusing.
  21. Man TPR is starting to sound incredibly official now! I'd think the drifting coaster would be like the Mack e-motion coaster as several people have said but could be incorporate something more like a spinning coaster to accomplish the drifting sensation. Essentially what I'm thinking is if the center of rotation is located near the front of a long car then the car would seem to slide around turns, kind of like a suspended coaster but on a different axis. Guess we'll see once everyone gets back with more detailed reports.
  22. The fair is somewhat expensive, but everything runs off of coupons including the food with 20 coupons being 10 bucks. Don't know if you were looking at the food prices and thinking it was $8 for most of the food, but its not that bad, but not exactly cheap either.
  23. I just thought of another thing. I've only been on these body slides a handful of times at Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas, but how far do you typically drop in one half of a revolution? Managing to fly around fast enough to catch the entrance of the other slide would be quite fun too. Obviously if you make the bowl diameter bigger this becomes less of a problem, but then I'd think you get less revolutions as well.
  24. Last bit. Thanks for reading / browsing! Also had a fried coke, which was nauseating. Not nearly as nauseating as the $25/ person ride on the Skyscraper (aka ferris wheel on crack). I think the expression is better than normal sex. Had to try the Reese's macaroon. Back to the midway to hunt out some more fried goods before heading to the traffic jam back home. This guy! Again hard to get scale in there but he was immense. This guy was huge too, but nothing compared to... You can't go to a state fair and miss out on the animals. Longhorn and baby. Never heard of
  25. So onward with Fright Fest and fried food! Not Vince, don't care. When they said butter sculpture I wasn't picturing an entire bar scene. The amazingly intense bake off. Oddly enough I think a guy won. Apparently building K'nex is now an art form. Same with Legos, but I've seen actual Lego art. Of course this is right across the way. Didn't try this, doesn't sound appetizing at all to me. Aside from deep fried butter though it might be the top fair food. The juxtaposition of the baby pigs with an ad for pork is rather interesting. This guy had a dog who could do a b
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