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  1. I wonder how exactly the dueling bowl slide works. I can just see someone freaking out and trying to slow themselves down on the slide just enough to slam into the other person going full speed. They both look like great slides though and I'm sure they figured out some way to prove the one is safe.
  2. So my girlfriend and I needed to get up to SFOT sometime since we'll be leaving Texas after this spring more than likely, so we decided to head up to Dallas during UT-OU weekend. I'd highly recommend going during this time since Six Flags was empty until about 1 or 2, and the state fair is a pretty good time as well. After going to SFStL two years ago during Fright Fest I was looking forward to Fright Fest, but was rather disappointed by SFOT's, especially considering its the original park. The only time I saw scare actors was when they were walking through the park during the day to get
  3. Yeah I was just wondering since there was one photo you had where pretty much everything other than the people came out in color. My camera has the same setting, but somehow I think yours works better.
  4. For those who wanted to know, much like myself, what they do for Fright Fest, its pretty much the mazes and shows listed on their site and thats it. There was theming all over the park, but 0 scare zones or actors and nothing really frightening at all about it. Actually the only time I saw scare actors was in the afternoon as they were showing up for work and some walked around freaking out people, but nada once night fell. Might have a PTR sometime later, but swamped with school at the moment.
  5. Are those through photoshop or just the normal color accent mode in the camera? Either way they turned out great, just asking since a few of them seem to pick up more than the standard one color.
  6. Geez. Considering I rode it this summer and I thought the air on the drop was pretty decent, I'd hate / love to see what it was like in the first year. Maybe the backseat ride is too cemented in my mind, but I remember being thrown into the lapbar pretty well. I never found the ride that intolerable, but then again I think I rode three or four times. It was a bit rough, but in the normal woodie sense.
  7. While they do have some coasters I'd love to see, from what I saw from some other DVDs it looks like a lot of them are rather meh (mostly Jet Coasters). If you make one and enough people rave about it I might consider buying it, but its not at the top of my list at the moment. Edit: After actually reading the rest of this, yeah if its slanted towards more of Asia I'd probably look into getting it. Its always cool to see some of the stuff they have over there since I won't be going anytime soon, but I'd probably need to look into getting some other DVDs to get all the ones I'd like to see.
  8. I love how the motion blur on the hail is going up. My worst weather while riding a coaster would probably be riding things in extreme heat, which isn't all that bad. Riding MF at night and getting hit by bugs was worse, but not really a weather condition. Those little bastards sting when you're going 90.
  9. Name: Alan Roberts Age: 23 What is your roller coaster count? 133 What is your home park? Six Flags Fiesta Texas What is the nearest big city? Austin, TX What is your occupation? Masters Student About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park)? 4-5 About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? 3-4 When you travel do you go primarily to amusement parks or do you also try and hit other sites? Lately yes, but I like taking in more of where I'm visiting than just the amusement parks. What is the farthes
  10. To tack my question on to this, do they have any scarezones for Fright Fest? Went to Fright Fest at SFSTL and they did, but I can't find any info aside from mazes. I'll be going the day of the UT v. OU game so I'm thinking the park will be empty and I won't need a flashpass. Or at least I hope I don't need one since I don't think I have the budget for that being a starving grad student.
  11. 20/20 Almost got me on a few since I could narrow down to 50/50, but I guessed right.
  12. J man's is just too funny. Imhotep and hyyper's might actually work if they really wanted to. Good job guys!
  13. Can't wait to see more pictures of the scare zones. I always love the look of most of those, though admitedly I'd probably fall for 98% of any typical gags in either the scare zones or houses.
  14. Going off of my iPod since I don't want to be doing this forever: Aquabats- Kind of weird but a lot of fun both live and on CD. Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (BOTAR) - punk / ska but acoustic and with instruments you wouldn't expect, like cello and french horn. Chumbawumba - The one song you know of theirs isn't their best. Dr. Octopus - good ska from down under. Guess the being down under part doesn't help w/ success stateside. Edna's Goldfish - little emo every now and then, but incredibly catchy upbeat music. The Forces of Evil - ska super group with most of the musical talent
  15. I've only got FIFA '07 on PS2, but its a great game and I play it often. The goalkeepers all have closed head injuries and there are some details that always tick me off, but over all a good game. I like manager mode a lot (especially since Theo Wallcott is on my team and is now rated 99/100 ). I don't generally see the point in getting new versions of sports games unless the gameplay changes in a good way or new features are added. Otherwise I'm out 50 bucks for the current team line up and new uniforms.
  16. I'm hoping the Aquabats are one of the special guests since some of them are involved in the show's production etc.
  17. The only thing that made it stick out is the camera shots when they were pulling up in it. If it was a 1980 Toyota Carolla, the shot would probably be worlds different. Nothing as blatant as Nissan Versa! though.
  18. Anyone else get the sense everything was sponsored in this episode? Hey look, lets go play Guitar Hero! Look a Nissan Cube!
  19. When did you go to the Dallas stadium? Looks like it had to have been before the World Soccer Challenge since its set up for soccer. I actually went to that Chelsea vs. Club America game, but never managed to post a TR due to school induced laziness. Kind of a rip off to pay $29 to watch the game on a bunch of tv screens since you can't really see the field unless you're the first ones there.
  20. National Geographic seems to be taking down the SuperCoasters video from both YouTube and Hulu. Here's another one I found: SuperCoasters No idea if UK users can watch this or not, but at least the video is there. "KingaKa is massive...mindblowing...and a lot of the time, it doesn't work." Best quote in a documentary ever?
  21. I haven't been on SCBB's, but I do really like BP's Giant Dipper. I think it was my first wooden coaster, but I also like the layout. No the airtime moments aren't ejector air, but I just like how none of the hills are really straight until the last trip around. The first drop is really fun and the ride is just plain fun. I can see SCBB's being better based off of air etc., but BP has a pretty decent ride on their hands too.
  22. I'm not really sure that theme parks are a major source of income for Marvel. I'd guess its the comics, the tv shows the movies... While I do see Disney capitalizing off of the rides at IOA or forcing them to retheme them, I think its the brand they are after. If Disney knows what they are doing they will let Marvel be its own thing and let combine their resources etc. Superheros just wouldn't work following the happily ever after model of Disney, and with the vault of characters Disney has I'm not too sure they need to incorporate Marvel into a park to make the acquisition make sense. I'm jus
  23. I'll go against the grain and say go with the Dell. The computer I use right now is 5 years old and still works. The main thing with Dell is the warranties are worth their weight in gold. I think aside from the plastic shell and the screen that I have an entirely new computer. I've had some bad luck with computers so I've had hard drives die, but that happens with laptops and a few of them were due to someone walking across the power cord and ripping the thing off my lap which killed it. The warranty I had was a 4 year warranty and you could run over the laptop with a truck and they'd replace
  24. I actually like Morgan as a company. They don't make too many forceful rides, but they are generally fun.
  25. In no particular order 1. Skydive 2. Travel Europe and Asia 3. Crazy sex 4. Scuba dive 5. Be a passenger in an F-16
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