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  1. Just out of curiosity, will you be at Cedar Point on August 1st?
  2. I'm trying to get Wild! onto my Mac. I can't juice the "data2.cab" file though. No items are found. Any ideas?
  3. Behind someone named Colin who likes ClubTPR on Facebook. Aaronkv, I have been behind you MANY times. I'm Austin
  4. The worst Boomerang was the one at Hershey. I got a concussion on the cobra roll. I rode Chaos in the rain. I flipped over 6 times in a row! My harness got stuck on dispatch...
  5. I went on the....the 3rd? Yes, the 3rd. And since everybody thinks I'm being super-negative (which I kind of am), here is my verdict. Twister II: Great woody, I liked it. I thought the first drop was great, and I would definitely ride it again. Sidewinder: Line was too long. If it was a walk on, or less than 5 minute wait, I would of rode it again. Mind-Eraser: Fun Layout and good theming. It just would of been better if it was smoother. I KNEW THIS WAS TO BE EXPECTED. Boomerang: Better than most Boomerangs out there. I actually rode it maybe 4 times. IT WASN'T THAT BAD! Half-Pipe: Nothing wrong. I loved it!
  6. I went again later that week in a lightning storm There was still a huge crowd there, so be careful.
  7. Magical Title Fairy, Could you please change mine to "Intamin Droptower Fanboy"?
  8. ^ Come to think of it. I did ride the blue train, like, 5 times I remember the red train wasn't that much better though. BTW, if you are going again, get the VIP pass. It is worth it!
  9. Does Vekoma's hate Arizonans? There was some head-banging on the Boomerang. A little on the MInd Eraser? Dude, I was about to go into a full blow concussion on that thing! The Arrow Shuttle statement was probably a little exaggerated, but it was a bad experience. It did have some good airtime!
  10. Yes, the Flying Coaster is still there. It is all boarded up though. I did ride in a few years back and it was really fun. I knew the SLC would hurt, but it was a lot worse than I thought it would be. Half-Pipe was closed all day. I went later that week and it was open for an hour. I rode it. It is my favorite ride in the whole park. Actually (being the negative me), I actually got a little headbanging on it too! It was just one big hit at the bottom though.
  11. ^ How dare you say the SLC was smooth! That was the 2nd roughest ride I have ever been on! Boomerang was Ok, except for the fact it almost stalled upside-down while I was on it! As for Twister II, I expected more airtime in the back. On Sidewinder maybe an instant forward-to-back transition would of made the line shorter... I never said anything about Sidewinder being rough though. It was actually pretty smooth. Now for Manhattan Express!!!
  12. I'm not a negative person. I liked the park. I just hate getting concussions on Vekomas. I'm pretty sure you would have been in the same mood as me on that day. Boomerang was better than the one at Hershey. I'm also pretty sure you wouldn't have been impressed by the Arrow Shuttle either. The only park we have here is Castles N' Coasters. What do I think of it? Well, just read Robb's report on it.
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