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What is your next park?

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^ I would kill to be able to do that many parks, in just one month.


But I am finally getting to Cedar Point for CoasterMania!, after...how many decades?

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Fun Spot in Kissimmee in September

So far nothing else planned until then. This will be the first time at that location (I go to Orlando's a few times a year). I really didn't have a desire to visit that one until Mine Blower was announced. I may do the Slingshot next door as well as I've never been on one.

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Honestly not certain. I might do Luna Park & the rest of the Coney Island stuff with the family and friends on Saturday... I'm contemplating taking the big kid up to Canobie on Monday since he has off, or I might just take him to Rye or Dorney instead. I literally have no clue and am playing it all by ear at this point.

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Most likely Hershey Park June 11th or 12th. My sister lives in Harrisburg and we are visiting her that weekend, if the weather is good we are heading to the park. I may make it to Waldameer in my town for a ride on Ravine Flyer II before that though.

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For this summer, I'm going to CGA as usual (I actually need to get a new pass since my old one was lost along with my wallet). I was originally planning to take my friend from Orange County up there since she loves the Mass Effect series and want to see the New Earth ride, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that most likely won't be happening this year. But I will visit her this summer, and maybe we'll go to either Disneyland or Knott's. I'm still deciding between the two. I dunno if I'll be able to afford both parks, and I'm split between Mission Breakout at DCA and Ghost Town Alive at Knott's.

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