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  1. Does anyone know whats been up with Thunderhead? I noticed it being listed as “closed for the day” the past few days. It went down during the afternoon on New Year’s Day and hasn’t reopened since, based on what I saw while checking the wait times. I’m sure its nothing major, but still seems a little unusual.
  2. ^ While at the park a week ago, I was told by a ride attendant that the fronts were taken off for refurbishment, which included repainting and such, though I’m not sure if this is true or not. Both fronts were laying on the ground underneath the transfer track.
  3. Construction update of Wildwood Grove! During the ACE Smoky Mountain Coasterfest at Dollywood on 11/10, we were given a short construction tour of the progress being made in Wildwood Grove! A big thanks to Dollywood for giving us this opportunity to check out this great new area! A couple of things we were told of during the tour: - Pete Owens confirmed Dragonflier will run on a single train. - 1 million dollars are being spent on the landscaping itself in the area. - The park is looking at the month of May for the area’s projected opening. Now for some photos! Dragonfiler’s progress is coming along nicely! This will be the future home of the “Mad Mockingbird” ride The building for the “Hidden Hallow” indoor play area A closer look at Dragonflier’s tunnel The Dollywood Express chugging down the tracks. You likely won’t be able to get a shot like this next year Hi Mystery Mine and Wild Eagle. That structure for Black Bear Trail’s station
  4. Yes, the track is light green but the picture I saw of the supports showed a darker green. It could’ve just been the angle, though. Hopefully this means that it won’t be too long before vertical construction will begin of the coaster.
  5. Thats been the case for several days this week involving LR not opening with the park. On another note, I came across some pictures on twitter showing more track pieces that have arrived for Dragon Flier, including some support pieces as well. The supports look to be a dark green color.
  6. Any updates on how the coaster rides (especially where the “pothole” was)?
  7. Just incase anyone is curious, here’s a photo that has been circulating around on facebook showing the difference between the train fronts:
  8. Here are some pictures of the Wildwood Grove construction (including Dragon Flyer track) that I took this past Friday. They are really starting to pick up on progress across the area as in whole.
  9. To me the seat padding looks like it always has... It might just be the angle of the picture. I don’t remember the padding being all black though, but again, it could be the angle or the lighting. Regardless, I’m glad to see progress on the ride. Hopefully it reopens sooner than later.
  10. Hell, I can't even tell the difference. I'm just glad it still looks awesome. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For sure they still look awesome. Is it just me or does the seat padding look a bit different judging by this picture?
  11. ^ Honestly they don’t look as nice as the previous ones in my opinion, but I’m sure the park has their reasons for the change.
  12. I'm honestly unaware of what's been going on with it this year. Since when has it been down? I thought they had gotten over major downtime. Well, it was running pretty consistently this season up until July 3rd, and has been down since. Still no word on when it will reopen.
  13. I just updated the Dollywood app, and I noticed that its no longer showing ride wait times. Anyone else notice this? Not only is it no longer showing on the app, but the link/button to it just says “rides” now, instead of saying “ride wait times” like before. Starting to wonder if they’re going to a similar system like Six Flags and Cedar Fair where the wait times only show up while in the park. Not that its a huge deal, but I liked its similarity to the Disney apps where you could check anytime, regardless of where you’re at. Guess its time to rely on the third-pary website.
  14. I’m curious as well. My guess is storage space, but considering its a decent sized building with air conditioning, I’d love to see something worthwhile there during the main part of the season.
  15. ^ The launch not being the issue seems to line up with what Pete said. I’m assuming the “piece of track” the engineer was referring to is the pot hole section, though I could be wrong but it seems to point towards that. Also, Screamscape reached out to Dollywood the other day about the status on Lightning Rod and Mountain Slidewindwer. Full quote:
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