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What is your next park?

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I want to know what the next park you're going to will be. It can be anywhere, it doesn't matter if you've been there or not, just post the next park you're going to.


For me, I'm going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tomorrow for the first time since they changed it earlier this year.

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I don't know I'm probbaly not going to another theme park untill summer of 2008, since I allreday went to CP, GL this year. I Might go to Six Flags New England but probably not. But next year it would probably be, Six Flags Great America.

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Fingers crosssed my next park will be a trip to Camelot Theme Park in the UK at the end of the month.


Waiting until 'Knightmare' gets launched, it had been delayed due to the bad weather over there, and they also delayed the media launch day too.

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Well, I'll be at a few Australian parks a few times over the next couple of weeks taking construction photos before members of my site take over while I'm away in the US (week in SoCal with Allison/Chris Alvarez, Dave Madore & Evan then we fly over to Ohio for the Midwest Trip).


First US park will be Pacific Park in Santa Monica, about six hours after I get into LA and then I believe Evan has Six Flags Magic Mountain in mind for the following couple of days followed by the usual SoCal suspects

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