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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Oh wait, you were serious? Yes I'm serious. Kansas may not be as fun as New York or California, but it's not a North Dakota. I;ve been to all three of those states. California in my opinion, sucks. Not the people, just the state. New York was okay. Kansas was fun, it wasn't New York, but the people are really nice. People expect way too much when they hear the word "fun." I find learning languages fun while everyone else thinks it isn't. That's the one negative to theme parks and roller coasters, they build a higher expectation of the word "fun" And this wi
  2. That would be smart, but the only park is Joyland, and they are having some issues with the neighborhood. I hope the owner knows what he's doing, since he's been getting rid of some of the ride there.
  3. I was excited when I found out about Port Nebraska, but now there is the exact same park in WV. Where is Wild Escape going to be?
  4. You expect way to much out of a park. Just because it doesn't have a giant coaster doesn't mean it sucks. And don't blame it on being in Kansas, Kansas is a fun state.
  5. I hope your not saying they wouldn't buy it because the park is in Kansas. It's probably not why your saying it, but I mis-interpret what people write. The park has potential so it wouldn't be that bad. All parks start off small, they don't just decide hey lets build a park from scratch with 20 roller coasters, of course they are going to have their work cut out for them, they have their work cut out for any park. I personaly think it could be a hit if someone continued to work on it.
  6. I hope Cedar Fair doesn't end up like Six Flags. Six Flags is going to fall, the only parks they won't sell would be SFGA, SFMM, and SFOT.
  7. Do they really own all that land? They could definitely make it a great park. Cedar Fair could look into it too, they bought all the paramount parks last year.
  8. Well right now I live in Massachusetts but I'm moving to Lincoln when I go to UNL. And if I don't get into UNL, then I'm moving to Lincoln after college. I love Nebraska, I want to open my own park in/near Lincoln. Canobie Lake Park used to have a Galaxi but they got rid of it.
  9. Nebraska got a real roller coaster this year. You live in Omaha, you should know. It may not be big coaster, but it's still a real roller coaster.
  10. I think it will be a coaster because they are comparing it to Gauntlet, AT, and X-Coaster, all roller coasters, although they also mentioned Summit Plummet. If it is a roller coaster, I hope it's a B&M floorless or inverted.
  11. What's with everyone saying that. At least Nebraska has roller coasters. Hawaii, Alaska, N and S Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Vermont have either those little carnival dragon things or no roller coasters at all.
  12. I'm going on a Saturday, and I've been reading that the crowds are bad. Are they Six Flags bad or just bad for the size of the park. Like will I be waiting forever to ride the roller coasters, or are people just impatient and think they are waiting forever when it's been like 5 minutes?
  13. What's Big Bad John and Gauntlet like. Gauntlet has specially designed wheels that are supposed to make it smoother.
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