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  1. That looks really good I wish there was a real theme park like that
  2. There is no sense in putting theme park review on every single social network there is.
  3. The lion king doesn't deserve it's own ride there are tons of other movies that could also use there own ride that are much better like die hard, and bourne identity
  4. You can go to my site www.themeparkintelligenceagency.com or to the forum at www.createforum.com/coasterfantic19
  5. I miss coaster riding a during the winter specially the lack of airtime
  6. I never knew there were so many people on this site. Of course a lot of them are bots
  7. I counted it as a credit since there some coaster elements to it
  8. It's these Carnival rides that have are really the most dangerous rides. I mean they don't have good safety measurer's your much more likely to die on a Carnival ride then a big roller Coaster for example.
  9. Thanks for the Help I'll Hopefully have a Photo TR by Next Sunday
  10. I live way up in Bangor Maine so the closes real theme park is probably Six Flags New England which is 5 hours away,
  11. I'm going up to Prince Edward Island Canada for a Hockey camp. Does any body know of any good theme parks in Prince Edward Island. I know there are a couple Qubec but are there any in Prince Edward Island
  12. I'm a Vegetarian so I don't eat burgers, but in terms of other stuff Mc Donald's is better
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