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  1. I guess i would go with Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. But I also like Busch Gardens Africa.
  2. This is how my list would go 1. flying 2. dive 3 invert 4 floorless
  3. I would have to go with Six Flags Great America. Because in general it's a nice park. With decent roller coasters
  4. I've only ridden one coaster in the rain, and that was Kraken. And it was not an enjoyable ride.
  5. why would they tear down their biggest coaster just for a water ride and a family coaster. it seems stupid
  6. My teacher Irene is so annyoing. She limited only two pepole to work on the school news paper at a time. because pepole were fooling around. and she picked those two at random i was not one of them !!!!!!!!. but damian was. i was working hard on the news paper while damian was ordering his free laptop. It's not fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. that looks like a weird elevator
  8. i ride becuase i love the feeling of going down drops. and through inversions
  9. those look like nice trains. what coasters will they be used on
  10. i hate my internet connection it takes hours. To downland the smalliest files. it's so annoying
  11. i don't like slingshots they cost to much to get on
  12. I had one of those moments on the first drop of Dejavu and the first drop of SheiKra
  13. 1 six flags great amrica 2 sea world orlando 3 islands of adventure 4 six flags magic mountain 6 six flags great adventure 7 cedar point 8 coney island 9 bush gardens tampa bay 10 epcot :?
  14. here are the facts Ride Stats Height 103' tall structure 125' max swing Speed 60 mph Ride Capacity 800 riders per hour Seating 40 riders per cycle Ride Time 2 minutes Height Requirement 48 inches
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