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  1. Sorry if this is considered double-posting, but could you PLEASE update? I really like this park!!
  2. This park is beautiful and realistic! I like the way you're doing it, because I love "timeline" parks. One question, in the future, is next year's attraction going to be a "family-ride" (i.e. Carolina Calamity) or is it going to be a "big thrill? (Yes, I know the park will be in 1976, so no B&Ms or Intamin rockets.) Either way, it's a great park, at least 15x better than what I could do on RTC3 when I had it! Keep up the good work!
  3. I've said it before and I'm saying it again--this is one amazing park! Everything is spot on. The landscape is beautiful, the coasters look so realistic (I especially LOVE how you did Mine Mountain Madness), and I love the Halloween event! I hope you update soon! P.S. Since this is a timeline park, are you going to put in a B&M eventually? Either way, I love it!
  4. This is, without doubt, the best landscaped park on RCT3 by any TPR member. The coasters are VERY realistic to their time period. Could you please update this?
  5. I love this park! It is extremely detailed, and I can tell you put lots of work into it. Everything looks amazing. But when will you update?
  6. Those DLP "It's amazing...it's the mirrors" ads that NEVER stopped during the BCS Bowl Games. I don't believe I need to say much more.
  7. WDW and UO. I just love the feeling I get when I go to those places. They make me feel all warm on the inside. Can't wait to go to both this Christmas! And while I don't go on a regular basis, I love Cedar Point. Top notch coasters. England and France were lots of fun too.
  8. Here is the link to my separate trip report (it fits more in the Random forum)-http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36718&highlight= DAYS 4 &5- We departed from Stratford, and drove past Birmingham into Alton Towers. It's a beautiful park in a beautiful country. We checked into the Alton Towers Hotel, and spent 2 nights there. Rita: Queen of Speed- It's short, but the launch makes up for it. 5/5 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Oh, sooo cheap. 0.5/5 Oblivion- Great airtime. 4.5/5 Hex- Ehh... 1/5 Spinball Whizzer- One of my favorite rides in the park by far. 5/5 Nemesis- Those B&M inverts are apples to my eyes. 5/5 Air- Actually, this is better than Superman! 5/5 Runaway Mine Train- A lot more intense than it looks. 4/5
  9. DAY 3- We got up as early as possible, and had a great British breakfast. We then headed off to Warwick for Warwick Castle. The entrance was cool because it was the place where people would shoot arrows at you if you were trying to invade. They have a few cool walkthrough areas. In one you see real armor used in a real battle and lots of other authentic stuff. In another, a haunted house tells the story of the tragic murder of the castle's founder. There's also a cool trebuchet show where they launch it at the end. After seeing those three respectively, we saw the Birds of Prey show with a bald eagle, a vulture, and other birds. We then climbed to the top of one of the castle's highest points, Guy Tower. Counting the stairs to the top and to the bottom, the total number of stairs in the tower is about 500! The view is worth the stairs, however. That was followed by a quick lunch, and something I really wanted to do, the Dungeon. It's interesting thinking that in that dark, tiny spot, people were held prisoner. We then went into the Royal Hall, my favorite part of Warwick Castle. Lots of real historical things are in here, too, such as spears, QEI's handkerchief, the sanctuary, and the dining room. The last thing we saw was the Mound, the oldest part of Warwick Castle. It's very high so they could spot invaders, with a river to keep intruders from coming across. Because of this, the castle never fell. We also got a view of the wonderful British countryside. We headed back to Menzies, and had a great dinner in downtown Strattford.
  10. As you probably know by my Alton Towers question, I went to England and France this summer. We drove around the very pretty British countryside before joining the Adventures by Disney tour called Cities of Knights and Lights. (BTW, this was me and my father's first trip to Europe and my mom's first trip to England and France) I'll post a separate trip report for Alton Towers in Theme Parks, Roller Coasters and Donkeys forum after I talk about the Strattford/Warwick area. DAY 1- Since we live somewhere in East Alabama, we had to depart from the Atlanta Airport. After 5 crowded hours in the Airport, we boarded a plane bound for Gatwick at 9:15 p.m. Atlanta time! This being my first night flight, I could hardly sleep. Ugh, it was miserable. DAY 2- Finally, we land in the morning (British time) and it felt like a week since we touched the ground. Bombarded by jetlag, we got out and rented a car. After, my dad got lost a few times. We arrived in the town of Strattford-Upon-Avon, and stayed at the Menzies Welcombe, a British Mansion-looking hotel. The room was nice and there was a beautiful garden outside. We decided to explore downtown Strattford, and ate at a Rose and Crown. My mom is a huge Shakespeare fan, so we had to check out the statues in the middle of town.
  11. Shrek 3- 9/10 Pirates 3- 9.5/10 Fantastic Four- 8.5/10 Monty Python and the Holy Grail ( )- 10/10
  12. Shrek 3- 9/10 Pirates 3- 9.5/10 Fantastic Four- 8.5/10 Monty Python and the Holy Grail ( )
  13. We will be going to Europe in a few days, and of course, we will be going to Alton Towers. I'm in the dark on what to do first and what order we should do things to get the least possible lines. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, MummyAW
  14. Spider-Man 3 was absolutely brilliant. It even topped the second one! The best thing in the movie was definetely Venom. They made him just exactly the way he was in the comics: insane and revenge wanting. That final fight is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) action climaxes in any movie. Don't want to put up spoilers, other than to say this was the best Spidey movie, and it was worth the 3 year wait! Rating: 11/10
  15. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Awesome game. I've beat it a couple of times. But on the game I'm playing currently, I'm in Atlantis.
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