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  1. Sounds pretty stupid it could've been a total accident, but it is private property and in the fine print for the park it says they have a right to eject anyone for any reason. But it still is dumb over a minor issue like this
  2. I don't know I'm probbaly not going to another theme park untill summer of 2008, since I allreday went to CP, GL this year. I Might go to Six Flags New England but probably not. But next year it would probably be, Six Flags Great America.
  3. Maine has almost no theme parks and the ones it does have are very small and don't have very good. Old Orchard Beach in Saco is mainly just a bunch of ride you'd find at a carnival, Funtown Splashtown also in Saco, has a wooden coaster and Free fall. There are no theme parks north of Portland. But about 3 Hours away from Saco is Six Flags New England which has some very good rides like Superman Ride of Steel. If you go really far down the east coast to New Jersey You'll hit Six Flags Great Adventure which has the talliest and fastest coaster on the planet. But in general Maine is not a very go
  4. LIM Launch- Maverick Hydraulic Launch- Top Thrill Dragster
  5. Superman Ride of steal at Six Flags New England is a great one
  6. I mostly go for coasters but i also enjoy parks that are well theme and intense flat rides. That's why i liked both Universal Orlando Parks so much
  7. I was a little nervous before I rode it. But once you get on it and get launched off it's really fun.
  8. Looks like fun. I went on a zipline once at a summer camp but it was only about 50ft high, and didn't go very fast. It was fun though
  9. Millennium force at most tends to have a 30minute 45minute wait. Where as Maverick can have up to a 3hour wait.
  10. 1. Millennium Force 2. Top Thrill Dragster 3. Sheikra 4. Superman Ride Of Steel 5. Superman Ultimate Flight 6. Incredible Hulk Coaster 7. Raging Bull 8. Revenge Of The Mummy 9.Montu 10. Dejavu
  11. It's better to get there right at opening, because most of the rides don't even open until about 10 Minutes even after opening.
  12. I currently use Windows XP Media Center Edtion. I have never used a Mac Operating system
  13. Thunderhawk @ Geauga Lake Mind Eraser @ Six Flags New England
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