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  1. This is my pic of 2010. This sculpture is called "The Awakening" and its located in East Potomac Park in Washington D.C. It has nothing to do with Themepark or Rollercoaster. I find it very cool. In german i would say: "Ist einfach geil! " The Awakening
  2. Well, thats a simple "Gas Tank" behind the Ferris Wheel ... Gas Tank
  3. Hey, i recieved today my package and i was suprized how fast it was here from California to Germany. Thanks ,thats a nice thing. Well, the DVD is very good like the other 4 once. I love it . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Greetz Jurgen
  4. Well, you are now in Abu Dhabi. I relized the Skyscrapers as a fan of them. And btw its seams logical, that you both want to go to the Ferrari Roller Coaster!!
  5. Smile...Piers is so cute when he's drunk.
  6. Nice to see, that old flatrides like Ranger and Ufo still exsist. Reminds me when i was 14teen
  7. Its so pity that Eurostar is gone out of Germany. So it gives no travel suspended coaster anymore on the fair here anymore. I read Eurostar is sold to Gorky Park in Moscow/Russia. Eurostar sold to Gorky Park
  8. Hi. I was last Saturday on the Nuernberg Christkindls Market and eaten also very long Hot Dog. It seams to get popular, cause you could find it on all food stations there. Greets Joe Hot Long Dog
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