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  1. New Texas Giant on Black Friday. I really hope refurbing these rough woodies with the steel rails catches on. It was unrelenting and so full of airtime, easily in my top 5, if not my favorite.
  2. Sorry if there is a thread on this somewhere, I did a search and went through like 8 pages and found nothing. I'm going to be heading to Dallas over Thanksgiving, and wanted to know if there is anywhere I can get discounted tickets to Six Flags Over Texas. Also, what are the crowds like Thanksgiving weekend?
  3. You sir, are awesome. Thanks for updating us all on what Tootie's been up too. Now if I could just get a Blair where are they now.
  4. ^ I guess someone has to repay Satan for keeping Favre heatlhy and on the field all these years.
  5. He's pretty bad. I wouldn't say you didn't go after a QB though. The Niners did get Nate Davis, who was pretty darn good this preseason. He might be starting soon if things don't go well. That's as long as his preparation gets better. Singletary didn't like his prep work. The Niners definitely don't want Leinart either. That guy doesn't care. He just expects to get the starting job and not have to work too hard for it.
  6. Awesome, I haven't seen Rehoboth's Funland in forever. We were there in October, but everything was closed up, couldn't even walk through it. Nicola's is good, but I definitley prefer Grottos. Of course the best food in Rehoboth are the Thrashers Fries.
  7. As a fellow Bronco fan, I agree, big freaking deal. Four teams in the division, 3 of them are rebuilding. I wouldn't be too excited for the Chargers this year though. Unproven rookie at RB, who could be a stud, their best WR is holding out and is going to be suspended the beginning of the year. Who knows if Merriman will be ok as well. As for Denver, I'm hoping they can come out of training camp with a full roster. It seems like someone goes down every day.
  8. Good luck, hopefully you aren't going to this college. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=54835
  9. Did you guys ride Spongebob? If so, did the lift hesitate a couple of times making it seem like it was gonna stop? We rode it beginning of July and it hesistated which freaked the wife out since its going straight up. Also, there is no way LAX is worse than Eppley here in Omaha. There are a couple of food courts, but other than that there is nothing. There's only 2 concourses for Omaha for a total of maybe 30 gates.
  10. You got my vote. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 19 month old son. I couldn't begin to imagine how hard it would be to lose one. I'll be back everyday and I am forwarding this to my friends and family.
  11. My daily vote as well as my wife's is in. My family is also voting everyday.
  12. I had a Bell's Oberon Ale. Its a great summer beer. Too bad its not carried anywhere in Omaha, I found it in St Louis.
  13. ^ Agree on JR, he was a Flyer for a while but never really considered him a true Flyer. He was always a Blackhawk in my eyes.
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