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  1. I will admit that while I don't love their coffee, it is better than what I had at Dunkin, Biggby, and a couple other coffee places I tried in Michigan and Ohio. I don't know if it was just bad luck, but Dunkin had the weakest ass coffee I've ever tried.
  2. FINALLY got to ride Yukon Striker, and it was my first ride on a dive coaster. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I find that dangling over the edge really only contributes to the experience when in the front row. It's nice to finally have smooth inversions on a coaster in the park (though I'd still love to see a B&M Invert or something replace Flight Deck and Time Warp someday). I'm surprised to say it, but the vertical loop is my favorite element on the ride. It takes the loop quickly, and in the trench right after it you can really feel the ride pushing you. All in all, a great addition to the park. Leviathan is still my favorite, and I'd also put Behemoth ahead of YS, but only by a bit; I love me some inversions. I don't know if this makes me the odd one out, but I still find Leviathan's drop to he significantly better overall. I suppose it's the lap bars. YS gives much more of a free falling feel, while Levi feels like it's pulling me down the drop. Heh. My American friends all love Timmy's when they're in Canada, and haven't had enough experiences to recognize it's exceptional mediocrity. Or maybe it's the novelty? I did notice that the handful of Tim's I went to in Michigan a couple of years ago weren't quite as good though. Maybe that's the comparison?
  3. Comparing WM Guardian to SpiderMan at Universal IOA is utter madness. I don't even think I'm exaggerating. Guardian is fun, especially the end, but it is regularly plagued with technical issues that stop it from living up to it's potential. I get on it only when the park is quiet, but for someone making a long trip, it may be worth a longer wait if you're around for a day or two.
  4. Yukon Striker really does round out the big coaster lineup nicely. Great assortment of flats, but don't forget coasters like Vortex and Backlot. They're not top tier, but they are plenty of fun. Vortex is great because even when the queue is completely full on a busy day, it's less than an hour wait. Also it's fast-paced throughout.
  5. There's all kinds of hype and excitement for it elsewhere. It's something that non-enthusiasts in tbe area are actually talking about too. This thread is sporadic at the best of times.
  6. Given that you can search park names, the list isn't insanely daunting. It's pretty simple to add coasters park by park, then refine your list after that. However for people that don't think of that, the huge list of coasters the site presents by default might seem dauntingly large. I have to agree with others above who say that not every pinfari, SLC or (shudder) zamperla volare needs to go on the list. I don't think a "complete" list has to be 100% comprehensive.
  7. Looking good! Definitely looking forward to riding this. I'm glad there's finally a quality inverting coaster in the lineup. I'm very slightly concerned about the vests after having ridden Banshee several times, but only slightly. Even on Banshee they weren't a huge deal, but they were a bit uncomfortably tight on my shoulders (I'm 6'4"). Regardless, it's exciting, and I can't wait.
  8. I'm just not a fan of Halloween Haunt stuff in the first place. I'm sure a Casa-Loma event would be much more interesting.
  9. About Leviathan's supposed wheel-heaters though, as much as it's an exciting prospect, I don't think it's necessarily related to Winterfest. I mean, it doesn't start until November 2019, so this seems a little early to draw that connection.
  10. That would be a coooooooooold ride, lol. If it does run during Winterfest, I'll give it a ride, and then drink all the hot chocolate.
  11. I'll second this. Any weekday in May is good really. Even with school groups lines rarely exceed 20 minutes, and are often shorter imo. We always make sure to find a way to get at least one or two May/June weekdays off for some solid riding.
  12. Yeah, this is always a crazy weekend at the park. Last year even FL+ lines were half an hour. I imagine Yukon Striker is going to have some absolutely bananas lines next year.
  13. Just this week we didn't let some people past us to meet their friends ahead of us. We've never done this before, but the lines were crazy long and we'd already been waiting 40 minutes with another 25 to go. We just couldn't let it go this time, it didn't seem right. I'm happy they're trying this because line jumping is often pretty bad in the park.
  14. I love that they're doing that on Valravn! It's a great family of parks, and I really dig anything you see in park that plays that fact up. Kudos to the Valravn team!
  15. This looks like alot of fun. I'm excited to finally have a good inverting coaster in they park.
  16. Sure, he misread it, but I feel like it was pretty obvious that he misread it rather than lied about it. Someone making that accusation (and probably knowing better) needs to work on their interpersonal skills.
  17. I think this is just a misunderstanding. Cedarfair1 can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I think he means to say that the poster that says giga is the actual teaser, and that poster is found in a park (Cedar Point to be specific). I suspect he didn't think someone was asking if the video itself was a teaser released by the park.
  18. There have been videos on YouTube, just look up Amusement Insiders. His focus is still primarily Wonderland, but he's looking at other parks and chains a bit more as well.
  19. Probably on August 16th (National Roller Coaster Day), but can't say for sure. I think that's usually when Cedar Fair parks make their announcements.
  20. I disagree that the places should have been shut down, but I also would fully support anyone's decision not to attend under the circumstances. I also would hope that the park would accommodate staff who didn't feel comfortable being there. I wasn't trying to say that any other view, or yours in particular is wrong, just offering some possible answers to the question you posed. I think had there been a serious or concrete threat, authorities would have shut the threatened areas down.
  21. I think it can be hard to say why people react whichever way they do in these situations. But here are a couple of ideas. Some people probably didnt even realize there was a (nonspecific) threat and so didn't act any differently than normal. Some people may have felt that they were adequately protected from any threat due to the police and security presence. Some people may have felt the urge to go home or to stay away, but felt social pressure (whether real or imagined) to ignore that urge due to the people around them happily going about there business. Some people may not have felt there was any credible threat. Some people may have felt that to change their day to day life due to some nebulous threat would be giving into intimidation, this giving power to those making threat. Ignoring the threat could have been an act of defiance. Still others may have been more afraid of being in other public places during such a threat, like the streets or the subway. Really it could have been any number of reasons, or combination of reasons. Personally I wouldn't (and didn't) change my routine without a more concrete threat or more specific warning from authorities (for a combination of some reasons listed above). Granted I wasn't in the park yesterday, but had I been, I would have carried on as normal.
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