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  1. I just had this idea a few days ago... I think you read my mind lol Anyway, this looks promising! If I decide to get off my lazy butt and make my own story park and place it in Nashville, would you mind?
  2. There's gonna be at least one Fallout meme posted here, I just don't know when. Great park! I wish I had the skills to made highly detailed things in RCT2 and RCT3. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  3. I don't think it'll be a new coaster, but at the same time Planet Coaster's flat ride selection is really lacking.
  4. Cedar Point for my birthday and Dollywood in late August/early September. Not as large as other trips but the Canadian dollar's terrible soooo...
  5. A hotel there will bring in a lot of revenue for the park and look better than a parking lot, even though it might take a few years to break even. A Canadian themed hotel, though unlikely, would look amazing, and I'd probably stay at it if I had the money.
  6. For Sure: Canada's Wonderland Cedar Point Probably: KIngs Island Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World
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