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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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With the rumors of Six Flags Fiesta Texas removing their Pandemonium coaster, I've kind of made up some speculation regarding it and said coaster's replacement if it goes! (There are a few outcomes to this)


The fate of Pandemonium

*SFFT sells Pandemonium to Darien Lake and the coaster gets renamed as "Rodeo Round-Up"

*SFFT sends Pandemonium to Six Flags Dubailand where it operates under the same name

*SFFT sells Pandemonium to Cedar Point and CP is forced to remove Iron Dragon for it


What will replace it?

*SFFT replaces Pandemonium with a 300 foot tall Super Loop ride

*SFFT replaces Pandemonium with a 200 foot tall Premier Sky Loop II coaster

*SFFT replaces Pandemonium with the world's largest and longest go-kart track

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Rumor has it that Six Flags is going to buy back Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens, steal the best rides from both parks, and then abandon both parks


And Six Flags is going to put the best rides from Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens into Six Flags Dubailand!

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I do think the free spins are a good option for the park. The other two options I would expect would be a Eurofighter or one of those new Premier coasters like Tempesto at BGW. They are all pre designed and would cost less due to the fact that they would not need to be specially fabricated.


I think that S&S Needs to make a launched free spin with the same layout like the Premier Sky Loop II coasters at SFDK and BGW and Darien Lake could be the first park to get it in 2017!

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Michigan's Adventure getting a new roller coaster.


Now that's crazy.


It would be crazy if Michigan's Adventure is getting a new one of a kind roller coaster that you can't ride anywhere else. That would be something special, but who's going to build that special coaster for Michigan's Adventure!?

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There are rumors swirling Great Adventure is in the running to get a Justice League Dark Ride. Six Flags is planning to build two. Screamscape is reporting Magic Mountain will get one of them. Great Adventure might be the second park in consideration. It'll probably be placed in the old simulator building on the Boardwalk.


In addition, Six Flags might be working with RMC to build their first "TRex" system coaster, aiming for a 2017-2018 opening. The track is a large single beam, almost like a monorail. It's going to be a steel coaster creation, not a hybrid of wood and steel. RMC presented this at the recent IAAPA convention in Orlando.





Great Adventure is the only major park without an RMC.

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So I was thinking about hitting up the park either tomorrow or sometime next week. Is there someplace that has a listing of all the events going on at the park like school trips and concerts and such?

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Has anyone heard anything about B&M making a Wingrider with one side facing backwards one side facing forwards going to a SF park and being named Two-face after Harvey Dent???

Nope. You're the first I've heard of it.

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