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  1. looking forward to the rest of the trip report. can't wait for the latter portion of the tour.
  2. Thinking of doing a trip to Kings Dominion on August 9-10. Does anyone know what the crowds are like on a Thursday or Friday?
  3. http://www.cleveland19.com/story/36477879/did-cedar-points-top-thrill-dragster-have-a-potentially-dangerous-incident-recently news article on Top Thrill Dragster's catch car incident. Kingda Ka had a similar incident when it opened in 2005. A bolt failed inside a trough that the launch cable travels through. This caused the liner to come loose creating friction on the cable and preventing the train from accelerating to the correct speed. The rubbing of the cable against the inside of the metal trough caused sparks and shards of metal to fly out from the bottom of the train. The launch cable and brake fins had to be replaced. NJ inspectors forced Great Adventure to modify the queue line away from the launch track (it went under the track and zigzagged through the infield) for safety reasons. If that incident didn't occur, and how cautious inspectors have been to the ride since, people in the coaster forums might consider Kingda Ka as the better strata-coaster. Given Cedar Point's maintenance record, I don't think the coaster will face a steady demise, but it looks like a complete refurbishment of the launch track is coming. The park has got a long winter ahead of them.
  4. Call Rocky Mountain Construction. They helped build these Intamin woodies. Maybe they can help.
  5. I read this on another forum. Makes sense why its called Steel Vengeance. Mean Streak used to be the only thing back in frontier town, everyone back there rode it. Then Maverick came, making all the people back there ride it, and Mean Streak to have no one. This explains the name "vengeance" (basically revenge), so now it will draw all the people back to it. Tony Clark built Steel Vengeance for the coaster enthusiasts. We should have the hashtag #ThankYouTony when it opens next year.
  6. You should do the Texas Midwest route TPR did back in 2013. Start at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, head up to Dallas, roadtrip to Chicago and Six Flags Great America, and end at Cedar Point.
  7. alright alright...trying to challenge Maverick? We'll see about that!
  8. A friend of mine invited me to Kings Dominion next week. How are the crowds like during the weekends in mid-August? Any tips on how to get on most of the coasters without the use of FastLane? He hasn't been to KD and wants to knock off Volcano and I-305 off the bucket list. How's it like on Sundays?
  9. it's the first coaster of its type. they tend to start off small before going big. RMC probably has 2-4 per row cars on the drawing board.
  10. June 3rd is graduation for a lot of the high schools in our area. My son is actually graduating at the Giant Center in the park complex that day. You may be ok in the sense that the locals will be busy and crowds potentially will be lighter. What about June 10th? Are Sundays lighter?
  11. Switching out of the subject here. How are the crowds like in early June? Haven't been back there since Fahrenheit opened. Me and a friend are thinking of going either the weekend of June 3rd or June 10th.
  12. Don't go to Hershey when its crowded in the peak of summer. Both the Boardwalk and dry section overflow with crowds.
  13. Thinking of going to KD on Sunday. How are the crowds at this time of the year?
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