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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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In the past, we've tried to stay away from having a bunch of rumor/wild speculation threads here on TPR. The reasoning is that these threads tend to devolve into complete and utter crap.


However, in the interest of being fair to you guys, here's an ENTIRE THREAD for it. Yes, you can post all the crazy ass info you heard from the brother of the cousin of the boyfriend of the Dippin Dots employee at Cedar Point. Similar to a quarantine after a zombie outbreak, we will contain all rumor crap in here so it doesn't leak out into the rest of the forums.


Similarly, if you have come up with some insane idea for a ride or renovation of a park, or something, you can post those ideas here. Example: "Dollywood should cut down all their trees and build a 500 foot Mack Wild Mouse". Stuff like that.


Feel free to post on any/all parks in here.


Also, if a new project seems to be coming to fruition with ample evidence (news article, track spotting, etc) then it's fair game to make a new thread about it. This thread is basically for complete and utter speculation.



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Here are a couple notes from the Nashville area:


The first is merely hearsay: Developers are planning to install another theme park at or near the Opryland Hotel. Supposedly the mall that was erected after Opryland USA closed in 1997 is underperforming & talks of a theme park resurrection have begun. I, personally, would hope this to be true one day.


The second is more than a rumor but perhaps not developed enough to start its own thread: In Murfreesboro (about 30 minutes SE of Nashville), serious talks have started regarding a bible based theme park named, ingeniously, Bible Park USA. This topic has been discussed in various local media outlets in the area over the past month. The latest I heard is that local tax-payers might be responsible for footing part of the bill. The proposed site for the park is in an expanding residential development area. Not surprisingly, there has been a considerable amount of both opposition & support for the plan around here – we are, after all, located in the Bible Belt. The only ride of note that I have noticed is an indoor coaster located in the "teen area". I, personally, would have a hard time justifying going to this park just for one credit.


More info, although not much detail, can be found here:


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