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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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Cedar Point is planning a 500ft inverted aquatrax over Lake Erie for 2009.


So I heard.


No, the Chik-fil-a guy told me Cedar Point is planning a 500 ft inverted aquatrax INTO Lake Erie for 2009.


Ron "Chik-fil-a people know more than Dippin Dot people!" Patton

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Ummmm... Intamin have created the first wooden LIM launch coaster which has a first drop that goes beyond 100*. Not only does it do that, it's a standup suspended swining coaster with 38 loops and G's that exceed 240g's!!!



sounds good...

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Rumor has it that:


A. I'll never get "Look at all these rumors surrounding me every day

I just need some time, some time to get away" out of my head now.


B. Intamin will open their next coaster on time.


C. I'll have an actual reason to revisit King's Island in the next 20 years.


Don't quote me on it, though.

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^ If only that were true


Geauga Lake is getting the long rumored Hyper sometime in 2010


Maverick's Heartline roll was sinking and that is why they got rid of it (see my sig)


Cedar Point is getting rid of Dragster in favor of a Vekoma junior invert aka a Runaway Reptar clone but with a Snoopy theme and it will go all the way into Camp Snoopy


Ok I'm done

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Waste Management Inc is going to buy Kings Island from Cedar Fair and use it as a garbage dump. Not much of a stretch from it's current state.


Sorry it will be a waste management facility, not a dump.

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I don't think this was a thread just to post what ever idea that will never happen that you have. I mean, be serious guys, I know you want to have fun, but at least act mature.


end rant


I believe that SFGAM has a dark ride in its near future, and I can easily see a Scooby Doo one in Orleans Place. I would like to see a master blaster in the water park and a screamin swing in the ride park, but those might not be "family friendly", especially a screamin swing, to Six Flags

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I hope this thread gets locked soon....its sort of a black eye to the TPR forum filled with somewhat intelligent posts and trip reports. Sorry Wes, just my opinion.

Intelligent posts? In a recent study, readers experienced heightened brain activity in this thread, more than any other, thus freeing them from their vegetable state of mind for just a little bit.

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