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  1. Having just visited GL not even a month ago, I can say that (if everything we're hearing turns out to be true in the end) I'm not surprised. I even posted a prediction in a blog when I returned that the only coasters that would be left at GL were Dipper, Beaver Land Mine & Double Loop. I was surprised that this park existed in what-seemed-to-be-a nicer-than-most suburban area complete with new-looking strip malls right across the street. The park didn’t seem to fit the location and selling off the lakefront property seems feasible, especially with two (three if you count RWB) coasters
  2. 7 hours for TTD spread out over two consecutive weekends in 2003. The first weekend we got in line in the early evening, then it started raining (big surprise, eh?) & never stopped. We wasted 4 hours in line that nite without getting on & drove back to Chicago. The following Friday I got off work & told the ms. to pack our bags coz we were heading back - I couldn't get it out of my head. We headed to TTD first & waited for 3 hours before finally getting on. So, yeah, we stood in line for 25,200 seconds to ride TTD for, what?, 20 seconds... Looking back, it was still worth it.
  3. I will admit that they look good... I'm a bit skeptical of the comfortable-ness though; gonad crushing seat hump + steel bar in the gut/ribs = ?!?!?. I have to ask: where in god's name is the padding?!?
  4. 4 Correct. 3 right next to each other. But now only 1 of your "C"s is correct... Good job though!
  5. 0 correct - you had a coaster name in the right place but the wrong park. Sorry. There's a clue. I keep trying to drop them in...
  6. OK, so my math was off by a little I actually don't think it'd be "hopeless", especially since you could compare how many the entries before you got correct. I'll bet that someone could do it within 10 pages of the thread.
  7. So I was thumbing through old park maps and came across this "book" that I bought for $1.95 at a grade school book fair. On the back, it lists the Top 15 Roller Coasters from 1985. I'm curious how long it would take before a TPR member could place them in the correct order? Coaster - Park American Eagle - Six Flags Great America Beast - King's Island Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens (Europe) Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain Comet - Crystal Beach (Ontario Canada) Comet - Hershey Park Cyclone - Astroland (Coney Island) Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Boardwalk Mind Bender - Six Flags Ove
  8. Billy wrote: “Think its worth a trip from Long Island?” I don’t know how dedicated you are to going to GA from Long Island but it was definitely worth the five hour trip from Nashville. If I were heading to SFoG from Long Island, I’d make sure to hit every other park around it too! bulldogmom wrote: “Goliath looks awesome.” It absolutely IS if you enjoy airtime (and who doesn’t?)! If you’re looking for a more thrilling layout, speed and/or height, it may not be the coaster for you. But I think this coaster can be so universally loved that even the most novice of coaster rider can’t hel
  9. Part two: Goodbye SFoG and Goliath and cute-yet-pointless fountain. You are easily my new favorite Six Flags park!! Thanks for making it all the way through this TR!! On the way back to the car I was able to get a double-lift hill shot. Could this day be any better? As you walk out, you can't help but see my 100th credit. Hopefully you will have as memorable a milestone credit as me!! This is for all the "I've always wanted to see a non-running train in a shed while the running train passes through it" people. Do you people even exist?!? With that ever-looming 100th credit
  10. My "Best Summer Ever" Tour of 2007 next took me to Six Flags Over Georgia. After my last SF experience (KK), surely SFoG would have to be better, right?!? Well, it is - by light years!! After visiting SFGAm, SFStL and SFKK prior, SFoG is by far my favorite - beautiful scenery (for Atlanta & SF), great coasters, decent flats, and friendly and efficient employees. In fact, it was so good that I extended my stay and hit the park a second day - a first for me! With absolutely nothing to complain about on to the photos. Which I just now noticed I have to post in two batches coz there a
  11. I'm sure that my observations three weeks ago have absolutely nothing to do with this tragic accident but there was one car that seemed to be out of service for the entire day that I was there - located to left of center as you're looking at the tower from the park entrance - and the entire ride was shut down for a while. Again, most likely in no relation. But it sure is scary for me sitting in front of my computer knowing that I was on it less than a month ago & hate drop towers (and heights in general). Not that this incident will have any affect on me riding towers, I just can't imagine
  12. I can't believe what an atrocity SoB has turned out to be. I rode it back in its first season & actually liked it. Yes, it was a bit rough but it seemed to be less-rough (if I remember correctly) on the left side. For me, having a decent memory of how it ran, it's such a shame that they can't even get it to complete a full circuit now. I mean, physics is physics & engineering is engineering right?!? Did they NOT figure out that it could stall? I know that there are a lot of scenarios that could be taken into account but were their calculators/computers not working the day they decided
  13. Jay: thank you very much for posting on TPR! I am fully aware of the strides you and your managerial staff have made this year so far (as witnessed and reported by various TPR forum members) and the biggest expansion in park history (Splashwater Kingdom and Deluge, in particular) should definitely bring added guests and revenue to Kentucky Kingdom – it surely was the best water park I had ever seen. However, with all due respects, I had visited SFKK within the past three weeks and was disappointed, to say the least, being a coaster/park (and not a water park) enthusiast. Having visited
  14. odene497 wrote: "You've got to turn LEFT at Hellevator ( or whatever it is) to get to Greased Lightnin'! Anyways nice pictures. Yes, I finally did realize the flaw of my plan after it was too late - I will remember next time. Thanks for the comment on the pics! spaceace12 wrote: "I went to SFKK the day after HWN, My main draw was yours, and I ended up on the other side of the bridge. I pretty much agree with your coaster thoughts. The main reason I went was to make my Season pass worth what I paid for it." Yeah, next to HW (despite its lack of rides, in general, to SF parks) SFKK
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