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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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Robo-Arm ride + VR = Budget Harry Potter Forbidden Journey


Suprised nobody's done this yet - it would give you so many options and you could practically change the theme of it on a dime

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Craziest idea ever:


Overwatch Dark Ride.

Make it a dueling style dark ride where there are two tracks for each team where you see each other occasionally and compete for the win. Make it slightly variable and dynamic. Allow each person to choose a hero. Whoever gets the most points gets play of the game, etc. Would be super great

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What about a B&M wing coaster, but:

-The vest part of the restraint is removed, leaving only the bars on the sides. (i.e. Family Inverted Coaster)

-It is over 200 feet and has no inversions, making it a hyper coaster.

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I'd be absolutely shocked if this hasn't been discussed, but I've always thought the concept of a "transportation" coaster would be interesting; build a coaster that has multiple stations.


For example, you have a station at the front of the park, and one at the back of the park. Board in front, get off in back. If you want to ride the second half, it has it's own line. The 2 portions could be made in contrasting styles. Riding from the front of a park to the back of a park on a hyper sounds so much more appealing than walking or taking a train.


I know there would be some logistical issues with load times and station synchronization, things of that nature.

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What the hell is happening to gwazi anyways?


Nothing to the coaster itself unless Busch Gardens Tampa decides to demolish the ride for something, but my guess is the trains got sent to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for Invadr.

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B&M/Intamin steel makeovers.


I had the idea at King's Dominion after I got off Anaconda (clearly I was not in the right mind!) Why can't Intamin scrap the track and redo it RMC type style? Keep the same basic layout but it'd be much taller, faster, smoother and could do some more.

While at it, Dominator is such a waste of potential to me. Instead of the turn into the MCBR there should be a zero g roll, and some more elements after it.



And...remove the trim hill on I305 and smoothen the end out, add another launch to Volcano and lengthen that ride.

Basically make me KD Czar for one year

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