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  1. I am not seeing anything that would make anyone come to that conclusion . . . Is the Volcano supposed to look like this or is it just a weird angle?
  2. Just gonna put this out there: Take a look at the shot of the Volcano in the news report posted above about 55 seconds into the video. I'd be very surprised if the mountain stays.
  3. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob, passed away yesterday at 57. This video is of him receiving what is essentially the "Lifetime Achievement Award" of animation in February. He looks so strong for someone suffering from ALS, and it's sad to hear that someone who helped create my (and many others) childhood's is gone.
  4. ZOMG GUYZ IT'S NOT GETTING SCRAPPED IT'S THE FIRST B&M AND THEY WOULDN'T SCRAP THE FIRST B&M GUYZ BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT EVERYONE CARES IT'S THE FIRST B&M AND NOT JUST US ANNOYING COASTER ENTHUSIASTS WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THEME PARKS OPERATE GUYZ. (If you're too dumb to understand it's sarcasm. Also honestly I think going floorless is a distinct possibility because it seems like such a Six Flags thing to do, (I.e. Ride the "new" coaster that isn't technically either new and/or a coaster) but this argument makes me cringe every time I hear it.)
  5. Shame about Witches Wheel, but I'm not super surprised or disappointed. Strangely enough I took my first and only ride on it on my trip only a few weeks ago.
  6. Drop Tower was open at the park today. First time at the park in a few years so was my first time riding Banshee and Timbers. Also got a ride on the last train on Beast for the night. Some advice: Don't forget to ride Beast at night. Timbers also gives a somewhat good night ride.
  7. I was at the park yesterday for the first time. Brief Reviews of all the coasters: Roller Skater: It's a roller skater T3: (to be said in the voice of a very familiar running gag from a popular, long-running cartoon)--- "MY LEGS" Thunder Run: It was okay. Not incredible. Not terrible. Just an alright coaster. Lightning Run: Great ride, not as good as Storm Chaser IMO but still very good and giving great ejector. Storm Chaser: This is a fantastic ride and my favorite ride at the park. The only complaint I have is that I've never been a fan of the modern RMC trains (also applies to Lightning Run) mainly because of my long legs that are squeezed into the shin guards. Aside from that they are both great rides.
  8. I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed this, but Fallout 76 has Camden Park. You can see it at about 17:03 in this video. I posted about it here because this is the video games thread on a theme/amusement park related website.
  9. John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, a YouTuber with over 2,000,000 subscribers passed away yesterday. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2015, but kept doing YouTube until last month.
  10. Rode Twisted Timbers about an hour ago. Great but not perfect ride. Also Rebel Racer Yell 75 was running GREAT. Very smooth.
  11. It's running. xD Are you serious? Couldn't tell because of xD.
  12. I just have to say that Apple Zapple made my day when I first read it. "Hey Mom! I wanna ride the APPLE ZAPPLE." 10/10 Name right there Edit: Got rid of the reference to the pre-cleaned up thread (Thank God for Chuck)
  13. No, it's being relocated to Scrapyard Amusement Park, where it will reopen as Recycled Metal!
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