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  1. I am not seeing anything that would make anyone come to that conclusion . . . Is the Volcano supposed to look like this or is it just a weird angle?
  2. Just gonna put this out there: Take a look at the shot of the Volcano in the news report posted above about 55 seconds into the video. I'd be very surprised if the mountain stays.
  3. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob, passed away yesterday at 57. This video is of him receiving what is essentially the "Lifetime Achievement Award" of animation in February. He looks so strong for someone suffering from ALS, and it's sad to hear that someone who helped create my (and many others) childhood's is gone.
  4. ZOMG GUYZ IT'S NOT GETTING SCRAPPED IT'S THE FIRST B&M AND THEY WOULDN'T SCRAP THE FIRST B&M GUYZ BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT EVERYONE CARES IT'S THE FIRST B&M AND NOT JUST US ANNOYING COASTER ENTHUSIASTS WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THEME PARKS OPERATE GUYZ. (If you're too dumb to understand it's sarcasm. Also honestly I think going floorless is a distinct possibility because it seems like such a Six Flags thing to do, (I.e. Ride the "new" coaster that isn't technically either new and/or a coaster) but this argument makes me cringe every time I hear it.)
  5. Shame about Witches Wheel, but I'm not super surprised or disappointed. Strangely enough I took my first and only ride on it on my trip only a few weeks ago.
  6. Drop Tower was open at the park today. First time at the park in a few years so was my first time riding Banshee and Timbers. Also got a ride on the last train on Beast for the night. Some advice: Don't forget to ride Beast at night. Timbers also gives a somewhat good night ride.
  7. I was at the park yesterday for the first time. Brief Reviews of all the coasters: Roller Skater: It's a roller skater T3: (to be said in the voice of a very familiar running gag from a popular, long-running cartoon)--- "MY LEGS" Thunder Run: It was okay. Not incredible. Not terrible. Just an alright coaster. Lightning Run: Great ride, not as good as Storm Chaser IMO but still very good and giving great ejector. Storm Chaser: This is a fantastic ride and my favorite ride at the park. The only complaint I have is that I've never been a fan of the modern RMC trains (also applies to Lightning Run) mainly because of my long legs that are squeezed into the shin guards. Aside from that they are both great rides.
  8. I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed this, but Fallout 76 has Camden Park. You can see it at about 17:03 in this video. I posted about it here because this is the video games thread on a theme/amusement park related website.
  9. John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, a YouTuber with over 2,000,000 subscribers passed away yesterday. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2015, but kept doing YouTube until last month.
  10. Rode Twisted Timbers about an hour ago. Great but not perfect ride. Also Rebel Racer Yell 75 was running GREAT. Very smooth.
  11. It's running. xD Are you serious? Couldn't tell because of xD.
  12. I just have to say that Apple Zapple made my day when I first read it. "Hey Mom! I wanna ride the APPLE ZAPPLE." 10/10 Name right there Edit: Got rid of the reference to the pre-cleaned up thread (Thank God for Chuck)
  13. No, it's being relocated to Scrapyard Amusement Park, where it will reopen as Recycled Metal!
  14. This is possibly the worst video I have ever watched. I barely watched it. After 2 minutes, it just becomes a montage of other peoples content, including Themeparkreview. For the first 2 FULL MINUTES, it is the worst OMG CLICK LIKE SUBSCRIBE GET FREE GIFT CARDS THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SUPPORT ME GUYS OMG!!! I have ever seen. The video blatantly steals other people's content, while trying to make it look like OMG KID ALMOST DIES ON ROLLER COASTER INSANE! BOOBS! OMG. It's just clips of rides, not even accidents. It's clickbait, but I clicked it because I thought it would be another cringy GP Youtube video. It also is made to seem like its a crappy top ten list? This video confuses me, and is absolutely terrible. Please report for stealing other peoples work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22DE7i1qA4I&t=126s
  15. Note: I typed this on my phone. So I just visited the park for the first time for 1 1/2 days. Park was dead, but it might be like this all the time, cause I saw the GP turn away, not once, but twice, for 10 minute waits. Also operations were generally below average, with generally one train operations and 2-5 minute dispatches. Not only that, but in line for Mamba, the ride op opened the gates, the train was loaded and ready to be checked, then he OPENED THE GATES AGAIN. Definitely not the worst, but definitely below average. Short Reviews of Rides: Finnish Fling: First Rotor. Having my head G-forced against the wall was uncomfortable. Bamboozler: Round-Up with a ridiculously long cycle. Which is cool if you don't get motion sick or your head slightly peaks above the pad so your head gets G-forced into metal grating. One applies to me. Zulu: Huss Enterprise. I like enterprises. Bringing up operations again, on my ride at 1:00, a lady threw up. When I came back at about 7-8:00, I'm 90% sure the ride hadn't moved. Fury of the Nile: Bumpy rapids ride that I didn't get wet on Viking Voyager: Log flume. Had a bumpy ride because my boat was weighed down. Woodstock Gliders: Couldn't snap 'em. Cosmic Coaster: Wacky Worm 10/10. Timber Wolf: Let me preface this by saying this is the ONLY ride I have ever ridden that WARNS YOU HOW ROUGH THE RIDE IS. That being said, it's made by Dinn. Mean Streak was made by Dinn. Mean Streak has a trick that made the ride more enjoyable. That trick works on Timber Wolf. Now, instead of rough, the ride is just boring. Spinning Dragons: Gertslauter Spinner, spun a bit, just okay. Prowler: Was running kind of rough. One of the not as good GCIs. Smoother in the front. Gives great night ride. Patriot: I'm fine with "forceless" B&M's. This one has a little bit of force at the end, but it's very smooth and floaty. Also that zero-g roll really is zero-g. Mamba (*thump thump tiss*): Good Morgan Hyper with great floater air, a forceful helix, and you can FEEL THE SPEED if you're in the front.
  16. Note: This was written on my phone. For the past two days, I was at the park for the first time. It was a very nice park overall. I didn't dislike any major coaster or flat/water ride. I rode all the coasters, the American Plunge, the lost river, the flooded mine, and the barn swing. Quick ride reviews: Flat/water rides: Lost River: Decent rapids ride, didn't get very wet Flooded Mine: Nice shooting dark ride in boats (somebody call Cedar Point) Barn Swing: S&S Screaming Swing with a short ride cycle. Fun, but short. American Plunge: Just some theming and a really dark tunnel, I don't see...(drop happens)...well this is a really good...(KERSKLOOSH)...HOLY CRAP WHY AM I SOAKED I THOUGHT THAT WAS A LOG FLUME Roller Coasters: Kiddie Coaster: Remember when I said I didn't dislike any MAJOR coaster? Actually, it was just eh. Thunderation: Good, fun, mine train. Great for views of Project 2018. One of my favorite mine trains. Fire in the hole: Good "coaster"/darkride I sat in the front and wait why is the seat... (KERSKLOOSH)...HOLY CRAP WHY AM I WET I JUST GOT DRIED OFF FROM THE LOG FLUME I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A WATER RIDE Powder Keg: Fun launched coaster with good airtime that is relatively smooth. Wildfire: Fun B&M sitdown coaster that is very smooth if you sit in the middle of the train. Outlaw Run: Great RMC. Fun. Fun. Fun. Front is smoother but back gets great airtime. Rerideable. Did I mention it was GREAT.
  17. I was at the park today (I'll be there tomorrow as well and expect a trip report tomorrow), and I don't know if this has been pointed out, but a piece of black track (looked like Mack track) is visible from Thunderation. The station looks nice, and it looks as if the coaster will launch (?) away from thunderation. It also looks like it will be visible entering and leaving the park.
  18. Note: This is my first ever trip report and was typed on my phone. For the last 2 days, I went to the park for the first time. The park looked fine, although people seemed to love throwing necklaces onto the roofs for some reason. I rode every coaster except Boomerang because I don't ride Boomerangs with standard trains, all the water rides in the dry park, Xcalibur, Spinsanity, and Justice League. Lines ranged from 10 or so minutes to 1 hour. Flat rides: Spinsanity: Felt like a standard Disk'O. Pretty average. Tidal Wave: Generic shoot-the-chutes. Wouldn't care if it got wiped out. Tsunami Soaker: Boring ride, but fun game where you can spray everyone. Thunder River: Slightly below average rapids ride, the waterfall might have made it a little better. Log Flume: Below average flume, big drop wasn't that big, a little bumpy, but I liked the shallow "drop." Justice League: Very fun dark ride, probably the best shooting darkride I've ridden. Xcalibur: Very fun and unique thrill ride. Not for those with a weak stomach. Coasters: Mine Train: Okay mine train, little bit rough, tunnel at the end was kinda neat, but just average. Pandemonium: Okay spinning coaster, nothing special. Screamin Eagle: Decent '70s John Allen woodie. Good airtime, decently fast, little rough. Mr. Freeze: Awesome Premier Shuttle Coaster. Nice hangtime and decent launch. American Thunder: Great GCI, better in the back, probably my favorite at the park. Batman: Mirrored Batman Clone, mostly smooth, forceful Good compared to other clones: -The station is not an oven Bad compared to other clones: -The walk to the station is long -A bit of snappy transitions in the 2nd half. Bruce Springsteen the ride: Rough in a bad way, bad ride, good for GCI or RMC to fix Ninja: Okay, here comes my most unexpected opinion. I found Ninja... tolerable. HOLY CRAP HOW HAVE THE STARS ALIGNED IN SUCH A WAY THAT I SHOULD TOLERATE A RIDE NOTORIOUS FOR BEING GOD AWFUL. I went into the ride knowing of its infamous reputation. Of course, being vertically challenged, my head was above the harness. I was also in the front, which probably helped a bit. Even still, I'm surprised with how forgiving the transitions were. I also might have been subconciously bracing and I can remember one moment where my neck went from one end of the restraint to the other, but it was still only slightly below average.
  19. Apparently not, I was just thinking the same thing. It is basically confirmed they aren't going to be sold. I don't care if this is a dumb question that could probably be answered from the last few pages of this thread but: Why does everyone think they're NOT going to be relocated? Robb brought up some good points a few pages ago as to why they could be relocated:
  20. My thoughts exactly. Both Dragons are still smooth, so I don't see the need to replace the track. Judging by how most relocations work, they'll hopefully end up in Asia somewhere.
  21. Looks like this theory is correct. I don't even care about the layout of the ride, the inversions, the speed, or anything at this point. All I care is that I don't have don't have to drive eight or more hours to the closest RMC. The ride's gonna be awesome no matter what. I'm so ready. What you said.
  22. TrippinBillie wrote: This rollercoaster is super retarded. Came from St Louis. Never works. What a terrible investment...
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