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  1. Valravn was 3 hours in early June. I'm still questioning why I decided to wait that long....
  2. I went to the park for the first time yesterday; the weather was absolutely perfect. Fury exceeded my expectations (which were already high!). Definitely my new favorite steel! I was surprised to find that the park wasn't busy at all, despite it being a Saturday. Maybe I'm just used to Cedar Point.....
  3. I'll be heading to KI in June/July, and I got to say, I'm more excited for Mystic Timbers than I thought I would be when it was first announced. I have a feeling it's going to be epic. Still can't help but wonder about the shed, though.
  4. ^That would be nice for a change. It doesn't quite seem to go with Cedar Point's "style", though.
  5. Although I hated riding Mean Streak itself, it was always a great thing to see. Something about its presence was....nice. I've always liked how it was kind of "hidden" and hard to see right off the bat. That may be a factor of why I like The Beast so much too--except The Beast is actually a good ride.
  6. I love seeing the coasters, other rides etc. when I'm driving to a park. For example, Cedar Point's skyline to me is always an amazing thing to see before actually entering the park.
  7. While in line for Rougarou: GP: Is Mantis still here? Me: Well, sort of....
  8. The people complaining about what Cedar Point has to offer for 2017 (which is actually probably going to be a decent attraction) obviously haven't been to Michigan's Adventure yet.
  9. Well it does go 120 mph up the tower, and then 120 mph back down it.... Indeed. Mind=blown.
  10. ^Ride times nowadays are only 3+ hours on weekends (with some exceptions). During the average weekday they usually aren't more than an hour for each ride and waits for GateKeeper and Raptor are almost nonexistent later in the day. However, I see what you're saying--waiting for Maverick in 90 degree weather is never fun (although the ride itself is fantastic).
  11. Was at my local fair the other day when someone said that Top Thrill Dragster goes 240 mph. Yeah, not quite.
  12. So, the first time I rode GateKeeper, I loved it (who didn't?), but now that I've been on it so much, it keeps getting more "forceless". No, I'm not saying it's a bad coaster by any stretch, but now I seem to enjoy it more for the view than for the coaster itself. Anybody else feel this way?
  13. Heading to the park on Wednesday. I'm not much of a waterpark-person so I'll probably just marathon ride Shivering Timbers.
  14. Planning on going to the park in September on a Saturday (preferably on the 10th), and I'm wondering how busy the park typically is during that time.
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